Sabyasachi Enters The Beauty World With Estée Lauder X Sabyasachi Lipstick Collection

Sabyasachi Enters The Beauty World With Estée Lauder X Sabyasachi Lipstick Collection

In An Exclusive Conversation, The Designer Talks Us Through His Limited-Edition Launch.

ARTICLE BY : Suhani Lotlikar


If you’ve ever wondered about what makes luxury beauty so special, here’s your answer. Step into a world of beauty by Sabyasachi in collaboration with Estée Lauder, where each shade is an act of opulence and purely a bottled homage. This limited-edition collection featuring 10 exclusive matte lipsticks curated by the designer himself is more than just a beauty drop.

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Inspired by the couturier’s iconic use of red, the Estée Lauder x Sabyasachi lipstick collection is infused with symbolism of Indian culture. We got in touch with the man himself to know all about what went into the making of this glamorous set. From the peculiarly chosen colours to the sensorial packaging, here’s all that happened behind the scenes.

The Making
Luxury beauty isn't just about looking good, it's about feeling like royalty in your own skin. And when it comes to making brides feel like queens, the designer has set the bar high. “I think what excites me about the product is that it is really a labour of love. It took us four years to do it and we wanted to create something that would stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the best in the world” stated Sabyasachi about the exclusive launch.

Elaborating on the representation of the colours and traditions of India, he added, “The most important thing was to represent India so the colours Apricot Silk, Muslin Tea, Rouge Bengal, Udaipur Coral, Bombay Berry were created. India is a country that loves decoration and exuberance that came out in the gilded packaging.”

The Collection
Eastern luxury is all about going above and beyond to enhance one’s experience. Over the years, hundreds have relied on the designer to transform them into a bridal vision. This additional feather of luxurious lipsticks to the brand’s cap brings the same ideology to the table.

When asked about his own favourite shade, Sabyasachi went back to his roots to choose the Calcutta Red. Head over to Selfridges on 4th March to buy your favourite from the 10 unique satin matte and ultra matte lipstick shades.

The Vision

There’s something for everyone in this collection. “We tried to create a bridal palette that worked for every colour that a girl would wear on her wedding day. You could spice up a neutral with a red or a coffee, you could tone down a red with a mute. If you wanted a fashion colour, we have pops like Tropical Tangerine and Bombay Berry.”

Word of Advice
“Style is something that stays forever and it's born out of personal confidence, not out of global trends.” - Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

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