10 Immunity Boosters To Add To Your Diet Before Your Wedding Day

10 Immunity Boosters To Add To Your Diet Before Your Wedding Day

Take extra care of yourself as you add these foods to your diet

ARTICLE BY : Arushi Sakhuja


Looking good and feeling good is of utmost importance before your wedding day. And as they say, what you eat is reflected on the outside too. Wedding planning is heavy-duty and hectic, and the last thing you’d want is to fall sick before the big day. But supplementing your diet with immunity-boosting foods that are gut-friendly will surely keep you supercharged and help you sail your way through the process.
Whether you’re chasing that coveted glow, looking to be your fittest self or just wanting to stay healthy, adding immunity boosters to your diet is essential. Some foods are known as superfoods and when you make a wholesome home-cooked meal, you have yourself the perfect immunity-boosting diet. So, as you gear up for your D-day, add these foods to your daily meals.
1. Turmeric

A healing herb best known for boosting immunity, turmeric truly helps you glow from within and feel good. If you don’t wish to add it to your meals, opt for a glass of warm milk and turmeric before going to bed.

2. Ghee

Ghee is a popular form of fat in most Indian cuisines. When indulging in a meal, nothing tastes good without it. Not only is it a superfood, but also reduces your exposure to cancer-causing agents and leaves your skin and hair moisturized. Add it to a dal or use it on a flat bread, or have a spoonful of it every day for best results.

3. Ginger

Ginger is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight the flu. It’s also the easiest to add to your diet. Whether you’re having soup or a hot cup of tea, ginger can seamlessly be incorporated to elevate the flavour of the food or drink.

4. Avocado

What’s breakfast without smashed avo on toast? Let’s admit it, not only is it a superfood but also extremely delicious and loaded with fibre and nutrients. Have it as a snack in the form of guacamole, if you’re looking for an easy and yummy option.

5. Kale

most nutritious greens. Rich in iron and vitamin C, it’s a great option if you want to enjoy a healthy salad.

6. Broccoli

Another superfood, broccoli is a nutrient-rich vegetable that can enhance your health in a variety of ways. From reducing inflammation to improving blood sugar levels, aiding digestion and helping boost the immune system, its benefits are many. Have them boiled or sauteed in butter as an accompaniment to your protein.

7. Sweet Potato

Yes, they belong to the potato family but are extremely healthy. Did you know that one sweet potato gives you 400 percent of the vitamin A you need each day? This is what makes it great to keep your eyes and immune system healthy. Indulge in baked sweet potato chips for a quick snack.

8. Spinach

Spinach is another green leafy vegetable that has numerous health benefits; a major one being that it may help reduce oxidative stress. This one is especially needed during wedding planning. Enjoy a spinach green juice in the morning to kickstart the day.

9. Citrus Fruits and Berries

Just like adding a variety of foods to your diet is essential, it is equally important to have different kinds of fruits. Working as natural sweeteners, they help satiate your sugar cravings. Citrus fruits are a natural source of vitamin C and are known to boost protective white blood cells in the body. Berries are the king of antioxidant foods, so throw in your parfait or yoghurt bowl for your next meal.

10. Seeds and Nuts

Walnuts, almonds, cashews, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds; the list goes on and on. Each has a unique nutritional value, and so it is recommended that you add an assortment of seeds and nuts to your daily diet. Have a few when you wake you in the morning or have them with your granola as a mid-day snack.

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