12 Foods To Add To Your Diet For Healthy Skin And Hair

12 Foods To Add To Your Diet For Healthy Skin And Hair

Gut health is a stairway to external beauty. Here's all you need to know

ARTICLE BY : Arushi Sakhuja


They say you are a reflection of what you feed your body—and rightly so. Gut health is extremely essential not just for overall wellbeing, but also when it comes to that coveted skin glow and luscious hair. Yes, now is the time when you say mom was right! First things first, if healthy hair and skin is what you desire, don't skip on nutrient rich foods. Healthy fats, protein and fresh fruits and vegetables are vital parts of your diet for your natural beauty to shine through. And while it may seem easy on the outside, you often stumble upon the question: What foods help with hair growth? What are the superfoods for glowing skin? Let us put these thoughts to rest as we decode the best foods to add to your diet.


A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein, fish is a superfood for all your woes. Protein is known to be the building blocks for haircare, providing the oils that keep your scalp and hair hydrated. So adding fish to your diet plan is always a good idea. As for skin, omega-3 can help fight sun damage.

2. Spinach

Rich in iron, spinach is an important mineral for hair, as iron deficiency is a major cause of hair loss. The amalgamation of vitamins further work together to help your skin heal from scars.

3. Avocado

Good fats are key, and an avocado does the job pretty well at delivering them. Enriched with fats, the breakfast staple food helps keep the skin supple and moisturized. The benefits of avocado oil help to seal cuticle cells, which can help hair look smooth, shiny and prevent it from breakage.

4. Coconut water  

Be it for skin or hair, hydration is essential. Coconut water is known for its hydrating properties to ensure your skin feels soft and supple, hair is healthy. 

5. Egg

Packed with protein and vitamins, crack open an egg to whip up a delicious meal. Your body will surely use every little bit of it. Egg yolk is especially great to moisturize your hair. In terms of skin benefits, it has properties that can help with tissue repair.

6. Tomato

A rich source of vitamin C, tomatoes are known to be beneficial for the hair. Vitamin C is used to form collagen, which strengthens the hair shafts. And a lack of it can lead to dry hair that breaks easily. Further, we all know the benefits of vitamin C for your skin too.

7. Papaya

Not only does it help fight signs of ageing but also battles dry and flaky skin woes. Papaya further helps the scalp produce sebum which nourishes, strengthens, and protects your hair.

8. Yogurt

Just like papaya, yogurt is a superfood for skin and hair. It helps to get rid of with dandruff and getting shiny hair, while working to soothe the skin and reduce redness. Add it to your diet at least once a day.

9. Goji berry

Berries are known to keep the skin youthful with their antioxidant properties. However, in Tibet, goji berries are known as the elixir of youth as they are the only food that stimulate the youth hormone.

10. Turmeric

Traditionally used by brides in India, turmeric is known to brighten the skin and even the complexion. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the skin. Add a spoon to your soup or while cooking grains.

11. Cucumber

Being 90 percent water, cucumber is a great beauty food to keep you hydrated. Containing vitamin K, it helps the elasticity of blood vessels, and also comprises multiple beauty-boosting antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E.

12. Nuts

Enriched with vitamin E, nuts like almonds and walnuts are must-have superfoods. The harmful effects of the sun can lead to skin and hair damage, so ensure you eat foods rich in vitamin E to provide protection.



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