Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre

Empowering confidence through exquisite ensembles

ARTICLE BY : Hanisha Sethi


Having started her successful label two decades ago, Anita Dongre is now a global fashion icon. She believes in her commitment to revive, sustain and empower Indian crafts and textiles and represents fashion with a conscience, as she continues to support sustainable and eco-friendly fashion practices. Khush Wedding chats to the global fashion icon to uncover her philosophy and advice for brides-to-be.

How important is sustainable fashion to you and your clients?
Sustainability forms the spine of what I create. It’s a loose phrase that encapsulates our work with: rural artisans, training unskilled women into craftspeople, making conscious decisions to reduce waste, replacing packaging with biodegradable plastic, and even running our factory on solar energy and recycling water. To me, good design is the creation of something that’s beautiful to look at and made with the least impact on our planet. I believe the Anita Dongre woman has fine taste, and that’s what I cater to, while following my personal philosophy of sustainability. What’s given me great joy over the last decade, is women joining my effort and demanding these practices across the entire fashion industry, not just bridal couture.

How much time should I allocate to finding my dream outfit?
Take as long or as little time as you need. It’s exactly like finding a partner. There’s no rush, and when you know, you know, because the goal is a lifetime of happiness.

Describe the “New Age” Asian bride?
It’s a woman who knows what she wants from life, partnership and the celebration of a lifetime. To her, a wedding is one of many dreams come true and she is acutely conscious of the impact a wedding has on the environment. She is mindful, because she balances her intersecting roles as a daughter, sister, friend, niece, aunt, glass-ceiling destroyer and globe-trotter, all while opening her heart to her new family.

What jewellery suits your designs best?
My earliest memories of jewellery are watching my mother and grandmother putting on meaningful pieces for a special occasion. There was effortless grace about them, never too loud and full of sparkling detail. Because I found jewellery these days had lost its charm, I created Pink City, a fine jewellery line of exquisite stones.

How can the groom complement my bridal look?
I recommend the bride and groom shop together. It’s important your choice does not force a partner to get something that’s not truly reflective of his personality. Choose from colour families, like the sunset palette or the riverside palette. If you see the outfits together, does it remind you of your relationship? If the answer is yes, you’ve made the right choice.

What are your 2020 trend predictions?
I predict a long lasting trend of happy brides! Any ‘trend’ needs to be timeless, because every moment of your wedding is a memory for life.

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