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JJ Valaya

Timeless designs loved by all generations

ARTICLE BY : Hanisha Sethi


For JJ Valaya, bridal couture is not just about crafting clothing. It is a deeper emotion, an experience and a luxury. One in fact, that has the ability to alter how people feel about themselves. His splendid collection of hand-embroidered garments are a global hit, and his effort to create timeless pieces with a fresh look showcase a distinct edge. Khush Wedding speaks to the designer about his exquisite bridal trousseau.

How important is the creation of a timeless bridal piece?
I try to create something that’s so special, it is intrinsically timeless and therefore stands the test of time, for generations in fact. What I love is when we have JJ Valaya brides from about 25 years ago coming back to us with their daughters wanting to wear their wedding clothes. This, personally, shows the best accomplishment and the quality and styling that endured and stood the test of time.

What are the key pieces to a bridal wardrobe?
For the main wedding, a lehenga is the most crucial piece. You should never cut corners when designing or choosing this. This is because it’s going to be permanently entrenched in the memory of your family and wedding guests. Another key piece, if you were to have two, would be to invest in an elegant sari.

What piece of advice can you give to brides-to-be?
The most important thing is attitude. If you believe you can carry something well, this is very important. You need to stand in front of the mirror and be honest with how you feel about an outfit. For example, if you are trying too hard to be trendy but you don’t feel comfortable, listen to the voice inside of you.

How much time shall I allocate to finding my dream outfit?
Your bridal outfit is meant to be worn on the most special day of your life. Give a designer at least 3-4 months to put it together for you. If you trust a designer, give them enough time to produce a fantastic piece for you to wear and enjoy.

Once I complete my wedding look, how do I show off my outfit with confidence?
It’s all about the wear. We don’t make clothes for mannequins, we make them for individuals with personalities. You can have the most beautiful person looking very uncomfortable, if they don’t follow their own instincts.  

How do I master the art of balance?
Most people get carried away with too much jewellery or big hair, or lots of makeup, and it’s too much of everything together. Keep the balance and remember the outfit is just one part of the whole look. Keep your individual taste in mind, and it will come together.

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