Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar

Capturing traditional dressing with classic styling

ARTICLE BY : Hanisha Sethi


Beginning her career in 1969, Ritu Kumar has developed a unique style, reflecting the ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship, and evolving to create a new classicism. The brand is renowned for her distinctive use of fabrics, intricate embroideries and gloriously rich aesthetics. Khush Wedding explores how the designer encapsulates traditional and heritage dressing with classic, yet modern styling.

What inspires you season after season to create amazing looks?
Textiles have been the fabric of Indian culture for centuries, and women of the country have always been fashion-conscious. A hallmark of textile techniques, India’s legacy is layered with many dimensions such as embroidery, weaving, printing and dyeing. Every layer of every technique has its own story to tell, which inspires us season after season. Saris in particular, have made a very sophisticated niche for themselves in the contemporary market, with women taking pride in wearing India’s precious handloom pieces.

How do I combine tradition with modernity?
This season has shifted from heavily embellished designs to minimalistic ones. Bridal looks are moving towards more neutral, befitting choices to the bride’s personality. The colour red that’s dominated Indian weddings is slowly being swapped out for pastels and earthy colours. Age-old favourites though will be gold and silver, because they complement all skin tones with opulence. You can also swap out traditional silhouettes with modern ones such as crop tops, frills, fringes and capes, while keeping traditional textile techniques.

How much time should I allocate to finding my dream outfit?
It should be the most thought-through purchase you make. We meet many brides who like to refurbish their mother’s wedding outfits to make them their own. Remember, trends only last so long, and a flashy outfit may not be worthy of being passed down generations.

What piece of advice can you give for brides-to-be?
Pick something traditional yet versatile, which can be passed down generations as an heirloom legacy. Spend time with colours to see which palette suits you most. For instance, some people think pink may bring out their rouge undertones, on some it may wash out their natural complexion completely. Don’t try and fit yourself in a mould that the world may have made for you.

What are your thoughts on bridal jewellery pieces?
If you have heavy heirloom jewellery in the family, I recommend you go easy on the intricacy of the garment. Timeless, traditional jewellery always stands out and adds opulence to your bridal look.

What are your bridal 2020 trend predictions?
Modern brides are choosing assertive dressing, over fussy and gaudy pieces that weigh them down. They prefer an effortless and glamorous ensemble infused with the spirit of Indian traditions. Revisit the classics because traditional techniques are being amalgamated with contemporary designs.

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