Everything We Learned From Indian Matchmaking Season 3

Everything We Learned From Indian Matchmaking Season 3

Love And Arranged Marriages Along With Other Mysteries Of The Modern Dating Scene Revealed!

ARTICLE BY : Suhani Lotlikar


Who doesn’t love a great love story! Behind the scenes of making it happen for some South Asians, lies one of most organic yet debatable process of matchmaking. The practice of communal matchmaking brought into the pop culture limelight by Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking is quite an entertaining watch. The Indian reality television series documents the modern-day adaptation of the generational practice of arranged marriages where matchmaker Sima Taparia aka Sima aunty takes on the role of a negotiator.

Everything About Indian Matchmaking Season 3
The much-awaited season 3 of Indian Matchmaking finally dropped on Netflix, on April 21, Friday. The new season sees Sima aunty continue using traditional matchmaking techniques like biodata, criteria list, and astrological charts. With the help of all these essentials, Sima is seen pairing off potential couples from London, New Delhi, Miami and New York.

What makes this season different is that Sima aunty is opening up about her own personal life. "In the third season, viewers will get to not only see my husband Anup, but my daughters, son-in-law, and beautiful granddaughter! Just as it is for my clients, my family has always been my biggest support system," confirmed Sima in her statement to People.

One of the cast members and potential candidates’ story that we were most interested in is Bobby Seagull. At the beginning of the trailer, he is seen saying: "If I were to describe myself, I would say ‘Desperate. Please help.’” The UK-based candidate Bobby is a teacher, BBC presenter, and podcast host by profession.

Apart from the entertaining storylines, the trending series suggests that the concept of an arranged marriage is not so far off from that of a love marriage. One of the candidates on the show expresses how saying yes to your partner’s preferred dinner and revisiting your preference later is a compromise each of us is looking for. The stories of how most of the parents on the show who were married off within months or even weeks of meeting each other add both hope and confusion to the mix. Going on dates and getting to know each other after being set up by a matchmaker is blurring the lines between the two concepts.

Now, if you are someone who thinks of marriage as a step forward in a relationship, you will first want to experience each phase at your own pace. So, the concept of arranged marriage might seem a little daunting and spontaneous. Choosing to marry out of love offers a sense of control over the decision-making process, while the arranged setting can sometimes feel a bit otherwise. Whichever way you choose, putting in the work and ‘being open minded’ is the key. Sima aunty’s piece of wisdom, “matches are made in heaven, not with trends” is one to take on.

So, whether you come across the love of your life at a pub or through a matchmaker, the idea is to put yourselves out there and give it a go. You never know when and where your love story is meant to begin.

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