Relax And Recharge Before The Big Day At This Secluded Location

Relax And Recharge Before The Big Day At This Secluded Location

Ekaanta, The World’s First Mindversity On The Ganges Is Our Top Choice.

ARTICLE BY : Nupur Sarvaiya


Venue scouting and finalising the menu to trousseau shopping and favours, wedding planning comes with long checklists. It’s why all hands are on the deck. Not just the bride, but her tribe must also prioritise self-care before the big day. A wellness retreat can go a long way for some much-needed R&R. But we don’t just mean a spa-cation to unwind, instead a holistic pause to rejuvenate and relax your body as well as your mind. Not a resort, spa, detox centre or meditation centre, Ekaanta – The Mindversity On The Ganges in Haridwar is one-of-its-kind and enriching oasis to reflect and reenergise.

“There is huge pressure on the parents of the bride and groom. You want to outlive expectations; you want to do the best for your kids; and you want to satisfy everyone. There is no respite for them. The bride and groom often have their downtime with bachelor and bachelorette parties. I would highly recommend a pause at Ekaanta for parents. They can come with their friends or with each other. Consider it a month before the wedding, so that you look refreshed, and you are recharged to tackle any issues,” suggests Mrs Shradha Lohia, the founder of Ekaanta.

Blissful and blessed, the property not only sits on the banks of the majestic Ganga river, but it boasts a private Ghat. We got in touch with Mrs Lohia to throw more light on what makes it stand out.

The Concept

“If I had to describe Ekaanta, it is a responsible luxury mindversity. It’s an experiential learning centre that features the amenities of a luxury property, but it’s monastic at the same time,” says Mrs Lohia. “It’s a first-of-its-kind destination in India—we haven’t followed a typecast. Only when you experience our modules is when you can truly understand the concept. Mindfulness is at the core of everything we do at Ekaanta. Be it fitness or food, we have a more active approach to than a passive one. For example, at a wellness resort, the spa is one of the most important features. But at Ekaanta, you’re working with yourself for self-transformation. The idea is to install mindfulness as a way of life and impart skills that enable you to handle life's situations with equanimity. While we talk, we sit, we eat, we work and while we breathe, to be able to be mindful of ourselves, people around us and our surroundings. We follow a holistic approach where we don’t deprive you of anything,” she adds.

The Property

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas and surrounded by lush verdancy of Uttarakhand forests, Ekaanta offers a serene space where ancient wisdom meets modern science, where calmness thrives within chaos. Amidst India's most ancient pilgrimage town Haridwar, it calls a heritage property its home. While its entrance is discreet, on entering you’re greeted clean lines and sensorial interior design that blend the old and new. Of course, sprawling views of the holy Ganga river steals the show. It’s a contemporary property filtered through local lens and enhanced experiences. “Although in Haridwar, we are not a religious space. But the energy when you enter the space is divine,” shares Mrs Lohia.

The Accommodations

Unlike archetypical rooms, Ekaanta’s accommodations are split between kutirs and pods, offering breathless views, spiritual tranquillity and an aura of home away from home. The former are spacious and perfect for a couple. Named after renowned knowledge seekers, the 9 pods are sanctuaries in themselves. The single-stay hexagonal pods are designed on the principles of Lagom philosophy, with just the right amount of space. Expect an en suite bathroom, heater cum AC, comfy bed and plug points.

The Experiences

Every programme is an exclusive cohort of 15-17 individuals to ensure exclusivity and attention. Find a number of programmes, tailored to your needs into classes, activities and downtime. Each module is curated to integrate indoor and outdoor learning that provides a holistic experience. “We have a list of modules, over a minimum of 2 nights 3 days to choose from. The experiences I highly recommend are shinrin-yoku, the Japanese form of forest bathing with yoga on the rocks. It’s refreshing and scientifically proven to remove toxins from the body. The session is with a renowned ornithologist and a PhD yoga teacher. There are small techniques that you will learn along the way that will help in day-to-day life. Tales on the Ganga is another must-do. It’s a very beautiful unwinding session that closes with a gratitude ceremony. There’s also movie under the stars, which can also be enjoyed in a hot water jacuzzi,” reveals Mrs Lohia.

Food Philosophy

Ekaanta focuses on slow cuisine, with fresh, organic ingredients that are sourced locally. While all dishes are vegetarian, you can relish a delicious mix of local and global cuisines. The wholesome menu is curated in collaboration with nutritionists.

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