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ARTICLE BY : Senda El Kardali, Entrepreneur-Owner of Treat Me Sweet


Get a little bit of Paris to your wedding with some irresistible French Macaron desserts. Macarons are a tasteful, classy and an innovative statement at any wedding, engagement party or bridal shower. Traditionally French inspired, macarons are a popular dessert that your guests can enjoy at the wedding, as a cake alternative, or even as a take home gift or wedding favour. The beautifully coloured sweets melt in your mouth and bring a smile to anyone who tastes them, making them the perfect treat for your Special Day.

A macaron is a small French biscuit, with typically an interesting ganache filling that comes in limitless hues and flavours.  Well, Macarons can be too pretty to eat!

If you fancy some colourful, sandwich-like goodies for your wedding celebrations, here are reasons why Macarons should be your best bet desserts with limitless options.

1. Macarons can be customised orders with infinite colours, flavours and shapes.
If you want an assorted order or just want the desserts to match your wedding colour palette, you can have macarons in any hue you want. Co-ordinate your macaron towers with colour schemes, tastebuds or flowers on your wedding day. The flavours can be incredibly versatile ranging from fruity to savoury. Macarons don’t have to be circular, they can be shaped into letters, hearts, or even beautiful Princess or loveable characters. Macarons can be crafted into just about anything you wish, so you can simply get creative!

2. Add extra fruit, spices, nuts, herbs or healthy alternatives and fun flavours to the filling.
These French treats have raspberries and strawberries as common additions to the ganache, but some macarons are filled with cream cheese, nut butters, liquor or healthy herbs, spices, nuts, superfoods or dried flowers. Some are even lined with mesmerising gold paints, glazes or sprinkles. You can get your Macaron vendor to sample the treats before placing your order.

3. They make for wonderful take-home gifts or wedding favours.
Macarons are supremely loved, so guests love to take them home. Place a few in clear boxes to enable the beauty of macarons to show right through.  Macarons can really brighten up your tables and will be a conversation starter as everyone sits down for their meal. You can have a painted monogram or special design on the macaron shell and arrange them in customised boxes to enjoy at home. Hello bespoke tower of macarons!

4. Make an eye-catching macaron display.
Why have your lovely treats just sit face-up on your dessert bar when you can showcase them in numerous creative ways? Try a dessert table element on your wedding and glam up your place setting décor or include macaron pops. Place them on a tiered stand or Macaron tower, layer them in a cake-like fashion, or align them to spell out a letter, name, or your monogram.  You can place Macarons on your cake decoration as a wedding cake décor or Macaron prop. They’ll be perfect for your wedding album, very much Instagram-worthy or pin-interest worthy!

A. Tower - The most well-loved macaron wedding cake style is the tower. Not only are they big and bold but really customisable to fit your wedding vision. You can go multi-coloured, all-white, ombré, or come up with your own unique design.

B. Tower & Cake Combo - If you fancy a regular wedding cake and a macaron wedding cake, merge the two together and put a tower of macarons on top of a cake base for a stunning creation. Elegance meets vintage vibe galore!

5. Gorgeous 2020 trend based macarons for your special day.
Are you an adventurous bride? Well, who doesn’t like lovely daisy-inspired macarons? They make for an awesome wedding favour that your guests are guaranteed to love. Macarons filled with exquisite red, ivory, and pink flowers, pastels and ombre are in demand in wedding bouquets. Imagine flower filled macarons with other flowers like sunflowers, tulips, or lilies. Utterly delicious and beautiful! Even fashion trend based prints such as gorgeous pink and white cherry blossoms look great on any wedding table as edible wedding favours for your guests. We can suggest emoji macarons too.

Treat Me Sweet, also have mouth-watering flavours like Sicilian Pistachio, Matcha Tea, Lemon Curd, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cannoli, Mint Julep, Raspberry Madness, Lavender, Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel, Roses & Roses, Most Passion Fruit, Arabesque Jasmine, Chocolate Gingerness besides flavours with cocktail based and superfood fruit based Macarons can add value to your macaron love for your wedding day.

6. Innovative Macarons
Macaron trinket boxes with a personalised note can be perfect for bridesmaid thank you gifts. We promise guests will adore a fantastic taste sensation!   

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