Shaziana Food Design

Shaziana Food Design

When it comes to bespoke wedding food, the proof really is in the pudding

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


When you consider the time, effort and money poured into creating your Big Day, it’s a shame if the food, the pinnacle element that most guests RSVP yes for, lets the side down. Thankfully the evolution of wedding food has come a long, long way since sloppily presented dishes were spooned from heated pans on a cluttered buffet table.

Samira Ali, Creative Director at Shaziana catering explains the journey of food: “Today, event catering is as much about theatre as it is about taste, as much about drama as deliciousness”, says Samira Ali, Creative Director at Shaziana Food Design, a caterer that counts thousands of happy couples as past clients thanks to its focus on superior food, in quality, taste and design. “There’s been real shift in food needing to engage with guests from a sensory perspective. That is; sight, sound, smell and touch, as well as taste.”

Signature Style
Shaziana’s dishes traverse the Subcontinent to ensure you’ll get an authentic experience with every single mouthful. The company is so dedicated to serving the very best that it’s even created a signature Garam Masala that their chefs use as the recipe calls.

Foodie Flair
What makes Shaziana one of the UK’s premier Asian caterers is that they’re constantly striving to achieve the very best. From menu creation, menu compatibility, sampling and personalisation of food, it’s all about getting things exactly right for the client. Samira explains: “Food is no longer just served, but designed with thought and care, like your wedding gown. It has to be a perfect fit for the couple and allow them to illustrate their food flair to their guests.”

World Class World Food
Do not be mistaken into thinking the menu stops at Asian classics, oh no. There’s Continental, Punjabi, African, Caribbean, Gujarati, IndoChinese and Middle Eastern menus and all your favourite dishes can be made in fish, meat and veggie options, allowing you to combine plates to suit any palate and any mix of guests.

There’s all manner of fusion bites that make the perfect canapés: think crisp sesame tartlets with archaari prawn on a bed of avocado mousse, dainty fish and chips in newspaper thimbles and chic scallops resting on seashells. Want to get your guests talking?

Book Shaziana’s canapés that are stylishly designed and tantalising bowl food and watch your guests unite via the power of food unfold. And if you have something specific in mind, that’s what the consultations are for. Divulge your wildest foodie wishes to the Shaziana kitchen genies and prepare to be amazed as they come true.

Traditional with a twist - real bride testimonial
When a bride wanted to thank her parents for their love, support and contribution to her perfect day, she turned to Shaziana Food Design. Creative Director Samira Ali says: “She wanted a surprise thank you dessert, so she asked us to create a dish that would blow her parents away. In their day, the popular flavours were very different – it’s natural for dishes to come in and out of vogue.

We decided to take them down memory lane, by way of dessert. Our team found forgotten, but once-popular, retro sweets and came up with a plate filled with old worldly flavours designed in a contemporary way. Most people think of falooda as a milkshake-like drink, but we made it into an Indian style a panna cotta style, Gulab Jamun, pistachio kulfi and coconut ladoo.

Because of the presentation, they didn’t know what to expect when the plates arrived at their table, but with one bite the bride’s parents said the flavours returned them to their childhood.”

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