The Best Summer Desserts

The Best Summer Desserts

One scoop or three? Keep guests cool with sweet treats

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Newsflash: it’s hot. Like, really hot. We’re in the midst of the UK’s longest heat wave for 42 years, so if you’re getting married or throwing a pre-wed event this summer, you’ll need to think of ways to keep your guests cool.

You could dip them in a paddling pool of ice or splash out on fans, but a much chicer option is using desserts as naturally delicious temperature regulators. 

Think beyond vanilla; we’re talking everything from exotic flavours, gourmet ingredients and low-cal options. From ices you can buy online to stylish food trucks to start your reception party, here’s our fave fancy dessert ideas to help keep you cool in the sun.

Halo Top
Halo Top has been all over the 'gram with everyone from fitness fanatics to slimmers raving about the taste and flavours of Halo Top ice cream. With just 280 calories for some flavours - and that's 280 FOR. THE. TUB (not just a scoop), this is the ultimate guilt-free ice cream pleasure. Why not get a few flavours and toppings and create your own ice cream bar? We can vouch for the Birthday Cake flavour, it's completely delicious and lives up to the hype. Got vegans to consider? There are dairy-free options too. 

Strictly for over-18s only, premium popsicles POPS has been on our radar for a while, thanks to its menu of summery flavours such as Bellini and Classic Champagne. This year they’ve upped their game with two mouthwatering flavours; Watermelon Martini and Chilly Mango. Salivating yet? Us too.
From £3.49 for a box of three.
• www.Amazon.co.uk

Pan n Ice
Pan n Ice began as a spark of an idea between two friends while backpacking around Thailand. Fast-forward three years, 44 festivals and 100,000+ followers later and Pan n Ice is seriously hot stuff. They offer handmade ice cream rolls and frozen tacos, made fresh with dairy from British cows. There are vegan and low-cal options to tuck into as well. Discover flavours and more:
• www.Pan-n-Ice.co.uk

Blue Top Ice Cream
Ice cream sarnies are the latest US import we've fallen in love with. A hunk of delicious artisan ice cream wedged in between a pair of warm, chewy cookies – what’s not to love?! Want in? Blu Top are your go-to guys, serving handmade sandwiches from the window of Barbara, their blue retro Piaggio van. They're available to hire for private events.

Lick Me, I’m Delicious
Imagine inviting a 21st century Willy Wonka to your event, and that’s what you can expect from gourmet scientists, Lick Me, I’m Delicious. The company can bring all manner of fabulous contraptions to take your wedding dessert game to the next level: think edible fragrances, a debauched alcoholic Tipsy Fountain and candyfloss spun at 60mph.

The coolest pick? Their Nitro Parlour (the company’s very first invention, which packs down flat and can be assembled in an hour) uses an advanced liquid nitrogen injection system to make instant ice cream for up to 1500 people, right in front of their eyes. Are Lick Me, I’m Delicious actual foodie wizards? We’d say so.
• www.LickMeImDelicious.com

Ice Gola Shack
You may have seen Indian street food stalls before, but we doubt they’re anything like this. The company serves refreshing Ice Gola (a.k.a Baraf Ka Gola or Gola Ganda) in a cheerful yellow cart covered in kitsch truck art - think ‘Horn OK Please’ and you’re on the right path. They’ve got 36 flavours of syrup including Paan Masala, Lychee and Kala Khatta. Drool.



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