Table Decor Tips You Need To Know

Table Decor Tips You Need To Know

You Need To Save These Romantic And Playful Ideas Now!

ARTICLE BY : Suhani Lotlikar


With vibrant flowers and intricate details, the celebrations curated by 1SW Events feel multi-layered and multi-sensorial in the best way. One of the UK’s most premier wedding planning and decor companies, 1SW Events’ are known for their terrific tablescapes that seem straight out of a book. Timmy Kader, the co-founder of 1SW Events, feels you’d be remiss not to spend extra attention on your wedding table decorations.

“While they seem like a small aspect, table decorations tie the entire look together,” Timmy explains. “The room’s layout is most important when finalising table decor. If you are in a marquee with a low ceiling, go with low table decor. In a room with high ceiling, tall decor will be apt.”

To get started with the table decorations, Timmy shares, “Gather all your inspirational images and see what they have in common. Your taste will automatically show though. This will then set the basis of the overall theme of your wedding celebration. Also think about the location and what you’re wearing and if it all goes together. Your wedding stylist may be able to help with some cues at this stage.”

Timmy doesn’t trivialize the power of flowers. “Flowers are the prettiest, freshest elements when it comes to weddings. Even if you don’t want flowers, you will need a floral element.”
From dried and dyed, to smaller head flowers, there is a wide variety available to create a unique look, texture or shape, Timmy says. “My favourites are peonies, hydrangeas, delphiniums and all types of roses. I love to use them grouped together rather than blend them. If I am blending the blooms together, then I like to pair them with olive and eucalyptus. Touches of jasmine are wonderful too. But don’t limit yourself to tried-and-tested options. 

There are lots of unique shaped flowers such as hellebore, nigella and dill flower that add texture to a tablesetting. Gypsophila and delphiniums are one such flower which are unique in their shape and have their own scents, when they are used in abundance, they are magic. But when using different species, less is more.”

Finishing Touches
“Make the most of dinner candles and votives in vibrant tealight holders to add colour and glow. It’ll look stunning in your wedding photos too. The vase or stand you use in your centrepiece is just as important as the actual flowers you choose to create your bouquet. Consider vases of various styles and heights. Higher options will look fancy at a reception, while a sculptural base will allow guests to keep conversations flowing.

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