Live Wedding Painting: The Most Unique Trend You Cannot Miss

Live Wedding Painting: The Most Unique Trend You Cannot Miss

Brides, Here’s Why You Need To Book A Live Event Painter Today.

ARTICLE BY : Nupur Sarvaiya


At Khush, we’ve decoded our share of wedding trends. Whether it is champagne popsicles, floral artworks or personalised E-vites, it is the never-seen-before elements that make each celebration unique and more memorable. In a world full of wedding ideas, we feel experiences that are interactive and on-the-spot leave a lasting impression on all. Think Live activities like a bangle making or perfume making stall, a custom cocktail bar or a food station. Among the endless options, Live painting surely tops our list.

Although videos and photos are fantastic to capture memories, it cannot beat the old-world charm and romance of an artist recreating the wedding scene on a canvas with a palette full of vibrant colours. While it makes for a great treasure for the couple to safeguard their big day and memories, it’s surely a delight to watch the action in person. From the groom’s baraat and bridal entry, to guests interacting and the main ceremony, there are tonnes of moments that make the perfect setting for live painting.

If you’re on the lookout for a talented artist, painter Krystyna Nowaczenko behind Nowa Art Studio is one you need to reach out to. The London-based painter’s background started within architectural and art industries, but her childhood passion of painting never diminished. “Even throughout my architectural career, I was constantly developing my painting skills. I also participated in many solo and group art shows in the UK, along with creating many commissioned canvases. All that journey led me to painting live at events, mainly weddings. My prime focus in starting in this field was to bring joy and positive energy during the events,” she shares.

We got in touch with Krystyna to get the scoop on everything you need to know about live painting.

What types of artworks can you work on?
As a Live Event Painter, I accept bookings for all types of events and offer a range of packages. My clients can choose whether they would like to have an oil painting of the bride and groom or a series of guest sketches done throughout the event. Custom and mixed packages are also available upon request. Once they make their service choice, they can decide whether they want to go for a Bronze, Silver or Platinum package.

How long does it take to create a painting?
It takes about 6-7 hours on site for me to paint a portrait to a good standard within a Bronze Package. Silver and Platinum packages include additional studio time, which allows me to work on further painting details or include additional people in the scene.

When is the painting delivered to the couple?
Within all packages, the official grand presentation of the painting is included after the completion of the painting. Clients can see examples of my work within all 3 packages and decide for themselves whichever package they would like to go for. Within a bronze package, the painting is handed over to the family member or friend of the bride and groom to take care of it, within Silver or Platinum I take the canvas back to my studio for further works and return the finished painting within the next few weeks.

What do you need at the venue?
A good open space of about 2x2 metre preferably in a prime location is needed for me to set up my easel with canvas and have manoeuvring space. Additionally, good lighting is needed.

What's an important tip for couples hiring you?
Many couples have half day celebrations, but it’s important to make notes of the time involved. My process of Live event painting starts with my arrival at the venue 2-3 hours before the event and takes me another 4 to completion.

For more information:
Nowa Art Studio
Instagram: @Nowa.Art.Studio
Email: Contact@NowaArt.com

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