Why You Need To Hire A Pianist For Your Wedding Reception

Why You Need To Hire A Pianist For Your Wedding Reception

This Romantic Touch Will Make Your Ceremony A Memorable One.

ARTICLE BY : Suhani Lotlikar


Take it from brides who’ve made their wedding dreams come true, it’s the little details that make the most memorable moments. When you look back at the pictures, personal touches that embrace all the emotions are the ones that shine through. And one of our favourite ways of personalising your celebrations is to opt for live music.

Want to know how big of a difference live music can make? Just look at the wedding scene from the film ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ to get a glimpse of it. Don’t worry, you won’t have to break the bank to make this happen for you. Start with a simple consultation with pianist Farhana behind Farhana Pianist who’ll tell you all about it.

Hiring a pianist will bring a level of elegance and sophistication to your special day that no recorded music can replicate. Not only does it create a romantic atmosphere for the couple, it also creates a unique experience for your guests. So, if you want to be serenaded to the beautiful sound of a piano through the evening, dive into our Q&A with Farhana. From formal permissions to planning your songs, here’s all that you need to know.

Why should couples hire a pianist?

A live piano performer just adds something truly romantic, and magical to the atmosphere compared to having a DJ play tracks all night long. Guests hardly come across a live pianist in their everyday life and they usually look at me with surprise and in awe before they proceed to take videos. The whole look of the instrument itself makes the event look elegant.

What kind of music can you play for the couples?
While classical music was my main forte to begin with, I also find joy in exploring contemporary, pop and Bollywood compositions. At the moment, I have a song list with around 50 songs on my website from the couples to choose from. Couple can either choose from my list or they can leave it up to me to decide which would be a nice surprise for them. For me, this is a lifelong commitment, therefore the song list will increase over time. Some of the most popular songs are ‘Tum Hi Ho’, ‘Gulabi Ankhein’ and ‘Perfect’.

What details do the couple need to share prior to booking?
Couples must speak to the venue event manager to check with them if they allow live performers and what they require from me. Before I can take on a booking, I need to know if I need to produce any permission and risk assessment letters.

It’s important to note at the moment I play background music such as performing during guests arrival, during drinks and canopies or at sit down dinner; rather than music as the main entertainment. I don’t play for bride/groom walk down the aisle or their first dance.

Couples should have an idea where and when they want the pianist to play. This could be either in the foyer area as guest enter or main hall near the stage so they get to listen in.

Who provides the instrument?

I travel with my own portable mini grand piano. You don’t need to provide anything except a power supply, a comfortable space and a chair. My piano set up is an elegant glossy black and gold shell, with an 88 key Yamaha keyboard P45 and a PA active system. If the venue has their own piano, couples would need to ask the venue if it has been fully tuned recently and ready to play.

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