4 ways with flowers

4 ways with flowers

Boutonnières, bouquets and haars - every kind of floral for your Big Day

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When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, the combination of blooms, colours, scent and textures are infinite. So how to pick the perfect petals for your event? Here are four ways to nail wedding day blooms.

The Whites
Classics never fade from style

If you’re having a simple, elegant celebration for say, your registry, picking styles made almost entirely in one shade could be the key to keeping things stylish.
There are dozens of flowers to pick from if you opt for a pale palette as your base – from classic English roses to lilies or orchids for a more exotic feel.
With a single hue, you can play around with textures to create interest and use fillers such as baby’s breath, succulents and fragrant herbs to bring your floral arrangements to life. 

1. White rose centrepieces: £POA www.amieboneflowers.com
2. Classic corsage: £25 www.theurbanbotanist.co.uk
3. Floral arrangements: £45 www.florenza.co.uk
4. Table arrangements: £300 www.larrywalshe.com
5. Table arrangements: £POA www.mcqueens.co.uk

The Pastels
Pretty blooms for a vintage wedding

For the bride with a vintage-theme, pastel flowers are central to the décor. Roses, peonies and sweetpea instantly help make any venue look wedding ready. Ask your florist to finish your cake with fresh petals, or suspend blooms on ribbon from trees for instant prettiness with minimal effort.
Ever since the Kardashian-West wedding, requests for flower walls have rocketed. While using real blooms will significantly raise the final cost, paper flowers make an equally stunning alternative. Perfect for those with allergies, a paper flower wall is fabulously versatile – use them as a backdrop for your nuptials or as the central focus for your cake or photobooth. 

1. Pastel flower wall: £POA www.paperflowerwedding.co.uk
2. Towering centrepiece: £POA www.amieboneflowers.com
3. Vintage rose bouquet: £POA www.blueskyflowers.co.uk
4. Rose centrepiece: £POA www.blueskyflowers.co.uk

The Brights
Bold blooms create stunning impact
Bring a burst of lively colour to your wedding décor with super bright jewel-tone arrangements, centrepieces and boutonnières. 

You’ll have a wealth of options for your vibrant bouquet including sunflowers, roseberries and hydrangeas and if you’re having a bright colour theme throughout your Big Day, jewel brights can help tie the look together to really make an impression on your guests.
Go all out with a specially commissioned floral archway or have your bridesmaids carrying small posies with matching floral hairpieces weaved into their updos. 

1. Tower centrepieces: from £250 www.mcqueens.co.uk
2. Jewel paper bouquet: £POA www.paperflowerwedding.co.uk
3. Floral archway: £1800 www.larrywalshe.com
4. Globe centrepiece: £295 www.bloominghaus.com

The Reds
Crimson petals to unify your traditional event

Match your traditional ceremony with rich red flowers to unify the look of your Big Day. But don't just limit yourself to red roses; yes, they’re a classic, but they’ve also been done a thousand times before. Bringing in a variety of petals will help update your floral décor.
We love the look of poppies, chrysanthemums and tulips weaved in amongst the arrangements while succulents offer a more unusual edge. Though undoubtedly beautiful, fresh flowers have an unfortunate habit of withering away after a few days.
If you want a keepsake of the day, consider carrying an artificial bouquet as part of your bridal trousseau. Mimicking the beauty of real blooms, the ultra realistic silk arrangements will stay looking picture perfect in the years to come. 

1. Purple bouquet: £60 www.blueskyflowers.co.uk
2. Boutonnières: From £15 each www.theurbanbotanist.co.uk
3. Red bouquet: £70 www.larrywalshe.com
4. Rose, hydrangea and Pink Heather arrangements: £POA www.mcqueens.co.uk
5. Web Bouquet: From £70 www.mcqueens.co.uk

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