61 images you need in your wedding album

61 images you need in your wedding album

From the ceremony to the reception dance floor

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Of all the souvenirs you'll keep from your best day ever, the wedding album is the most important. It's what you'll use to revisit the sights, sounds and feelings from your Big Day, all in a single glance. That's why it's so crucial to choose a photographer with a style you love.

Whether you prefer candid shots, stylised pictures or traditional frames, here are some of our favourite snaps we think every couple should have in our album

You’ll always be their baby
You may tying the knot, but in your family’s eyes, you’ll forever be their batchu. They held you as a newborn, cheered when you took your first steps and now, they’re seeing you through to the next chapter of life. Capturing that beautiful bond as you head towards the ‘I Do’s’ is as essential as formal family portraits. Because it’s in those unguarded moments that the pure love shines through.

Photo by Bhavna Barratt

Photo by Neha Brackstone

Photo by Duke Photography

Photo by Imprint Studio

Photo by Hendrick Moy Photography

Photo by Hendrick Moy Photography

Here comes the Groom

Weddings have a tendancy to be so bride-centric it’s easy to forget there’s a man involved - the groom! While you may want ‘morning of’ shots, your groom will also have unmissable photo ops. Whether it’s elegant suiting up images, the party parade of the Baraat (double points for involving livestock; elephant entrance, anyone?) or your aunties playfully grabbing his nose to make sure he’s got his wits about him, these moments are golden.

Left photo by Photography by Soven, right image by Sai Digital

Photo by Tasneem Al Sultan

Top photo by Hendrick Moy Photography, bottom left by Bhavna Barratt, bottom right Zurihsia

Photo by Hendrick Moy Photography

Photo by Photography by Soven

The First Look
All those months of planning, hair and makeup trials, dress fittings, spa treatments, tastings, bookings and logistics have been for a day that’s now, finally, here. THIS IS IT. It’s no wonder seeing each other for the first time can be an emotionally charged mix of awe, pride, love and conspirational ‘We made it!’ glances. Now, who wouldn’t want that kind of magic in their album?

Photo by Sai Digital
Top photo by Real Art Photography, bottom left by Buffy Goodman, bottom right by The Crawleys

Photo by
Gurvir Johal

Photo by
Eye Jogia

The Kiss
Now’s the time for your story to have its cinematic moment. Whether you want a swept-off-your-feet scene or something more delicate, this is a frame that’s just about the two of you. Look for suitable settings around your venue with your photographer and make sure there’s no one else around so you can relax for natural shots that you’ll treasure in the years to come. It’s all about the power of love.

Photo by Hong Photography

Top photo by Ondrej Kaftan, bottom left and right by Zurihsia

Photo by Volodymyr Ivash

The Girls
They’ve seen you through everything from planning tantrums, dress crises and THAT time at the hen party (ahem). Honestly, where would you be without your squad? ‘Morning of’ shots in matching robes are a wildly popular album must-have, but if you want something different, try conceptual magazine-like images or, our fave, the Big Reveal, and catch their expressions when they see you for the first time in full bridal splendour.

Photo by Lin and Jirsa Photography  
Photo by Buffy Goodman

Photo by
Bhavna Barratt

hoto by 
Volodymyr Ivash

Photo by Two Mann Studios

Babe Bride
Now’s your time to shine. If you want an image that’s all about you (and why not?), your Big Day is an excellent opportunity. Express your personality, show off your lehenga, or simply rev up the drama.
Photo by William Lambelet

Both photos by Eye Jogia
Both photos by  Zurihsia

Mr & Mrs Newlyweds
There will be no take twos on your wedding day, but every second is precious and fleeting so it takes a talented team to capture the moments that matter most. Moments like confetti throwing or riding off into the sunset when you are at your happiest are the iconic snaps you’ll want to keep.

Photo by Kam Dhiman

Top photo by Two Mann Studios, bottom left by Bhavna Barratt, bottom left Zurihsia

Top photo by 
Two Mann Studios

Photo by Volodymyr Ivash

First Dance
Capture the enchanting atmosphere of your first dance as husband and wife. Many brides change their look for the reception, so this is another chance to document your finery forevermore. If it seems a bit.. extra, well it’s your day, and you make the rules!

Photo by Zurihsia

Photo by Aparat Photography

Party Shots
Receptions are packed with so much full-on action that it can be tough to anticipate a great shot. If you’re having organised entertainment or cake cutting and want pictures, let your photographer know. Other than that, it’s time to let go and celebrate until sunrise!

Photo by Tasneem Al Sultan

Both photos by Zurihsia

Photo by Photography by Soven

Photo by Zurihsia

The Goodbyes
There’ll be no stopping the tears by this point. Emotions are running high as you prepare to leave your childhood home for your new husband’s house. It’s a bittersweet moment for everyone in the bridal party, because while your family are, of course, thrilled that you’re beginning a new chapter of your life, it also means you’re embarking on the final journey into womanhood without them. Tissues at the ready!

Top photo by Buffy Goodman, bottom left by Photography by Soven, bottom right by Sai Digital

Photo by William Lambelet

Photos: Top left by Photography by Soven, top right by Buffy Goodman, centre image by Eye Jogia, bottom left by Hendrick Moy Photography, bottom right by Photography by Soven
Photo by Zohaib Ali

Bottom left by Photography by Soven 

Photo by Sai Digital

Photo by The Crawleys

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