Love Above All

Love Above All

Karisha and Jessel make memories worth a lifetime in the back garden of their humble abode

ARTICLE BY : Nupur Sarvaiya


The love story
Karisha and Jessel’s journey began when they took a chance with their dating app profiles. The instantly spark between them spiked a sense of having known each other for years. Days turned into months and before they knew it, Jessel put a ring on Karisha’s finger in the most romantic setting ever. “The proposal was such a beautiful set up in his parents’ back garden. I was so grateful and lucky to have my family there.”

The civil ceremony

The civil ceremony was held at the couple’s house on the first day, September 1, 2021, of their two-day wedding. With an intimate ceremony in mind, the bride expressed, “I think as you get older your circle definitely gets smaller. I really wanted something small and intimate with our absolute nearest and dearest.” White palette was chosen for the ceremony decor.

The cake

As a luxury cake artist herself, Karisha took charge of making the wedding cake. “There’s nothing I love more than an ‘all white’ cake. It is just so beautiful and classic. I wanted a timeless design with sugar flowers and delicate detailing.”

The Hindu pheras

The Hindu wedding ceremony was organised to take place on the second day. The bride filled the ambience with joyful tears and a lot of emotions while making her big entry. “I had pre-recorded a speech which played here. I think the whole room was crying and it just gave me a chance to thank everyone and tell them how grateful I was for them being there and how much I love them.” The beginning of the couple’s marriage was blessed by close family and friends with overwhelming joy. The bride wore a gorgeous pastel lehenga by designer Anushree Reddy.

Wise words

The baker bride gives a taste of the truth to upcoming brides based on not just her own wedding but also the years of experience she has collected working with brides as clients. “It is really stressful but just do your best to enjoy the process. If not, then just make sure you enjoy the big day when it comes and don’t worry about the little things because no one even notices.” Focusing on the bigger picture is the key.

The reception

“Honestly, you could just feel the love in the air! It was so special and our families got on so well, both sides are crazy and love to have fun so we couldn’t have asked for anything better.” The blushing bride looked stunning in her reception outfit by Sonas Haute Couture. “I absolutely loved it! I can’t even tell you how incredible the craftsmanship was. I could frame that dress!” The ambience of the event continued to stay playful with laughter shared between the families.

The Bride: Karisha Pithwa
The Groom: Jessel Parekh
Photography: Ed Pereira Photo
The Venue: Karisha and Jessel’s Home 



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