Making new traditions

Making new traditions

Inside Kaushal Beauty’s dreamy Cancun wedding

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Super vlogger Kaushal Beauty married Vex King in Cancun in June 2018. After getting engaged in Dubai two years ago they began planning their Big Day - a destination wedding in Mexico.

She says: “When we first began dating and marriage was a very distant possibility, my mum got excited and began dreaming of a beach wedding. My cousin found a Mexican resort that catered for Indian weddings. All these years later, it was the resort we ended up as our wedding venue! We went to see dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa, and were blown away by the lovely team. The resort was the perfect size for our 100-guest wedding, it was child-friendly and within easy reach of the airport.”

“We’re so busy and coming to London for meetings takes time away from filming. I did’t want the stress of wedding planning to add to the mix. I hired Priya Thanki as a planner. She’s been in events for years and knows the industry inside out. She was amazing.”

The pre-events
“We had six events in total, big and small. The Mehndi Brunch was the third event, held in the biggest suite the resort had - it was so huge it had its own bar area! I had to leave our welcome drinks early the night before to get up the next morning for my mehndi artist: Divya Patel. We met through Instagram (@hennabydivya) and have had a mutual fan club going for years. I had a beautiful design all over my hands and just a little on my feet for luck. We also booked a team of local henna artists to paint my other guests. Later that night, we hosted a Fiesta party, because... well, when in Mexico! It was on the beach right by the waves. We had a Mariachi band, a piñata, a giant light up taco sign, the works. My friends and I performed a surprise dance for Vex and then we watched a water drum show, which was so dramatic - especially when a nearby storm started flashing with lightning! The rain forced us indoors but everyone got involved setting things up again, singing and dancing. I felt like that was the night we became one big family.”

The Haldi ceremony
“At the Haldi the next day we used Kiehl’s Turmeric and Cranberry Masque which made our skin look amazing afterwards! We did the ceremony together; his family one side, mine on the other. We didn’t want to use real haldi because it stains so we played it safe! It took ages to wash the masque out but it was so much fun!”

Bridal outfits
“At the Mehndi I wore a parrot green Masaba lehenga; it’s the comfiest thing I’ve ever worn. For the Fiesta I wore a Ekta Solanki outfit with a fluffy skirt made with 50m of net! It wasn’t heavy at all. My outfits had to be travel-friendly as a 10kg outfit would eat my baggage allowance. My jewellery was from Red Dot Jewels.
I chose Ekta Solanki for my wedding outfit and we spent two years designing it! One reasons was she’s a designer we could see without having to fly to India. Vex wanted rose gold so he picked his colours first. I only saw swatches of his outfit and Ekta found rose gold Gotta Patti (my absolute favourite) for my outfit. I wore Red Dot Jewels for my wedding day. It had hints of green in it to pick up the green in my blouse.

The Big Day 
“We were officially married on 1st June, the morning of the religious ceremony. We didn’t want a big deal so the only people present were his sister and mum, my brother and mum, us and the registrar. It was held under a sacred Mayan tree.”“We had perfect weather on the day. Guests kept cool with mists and a program that doubled up as a fan. Indian weddings are usually so vibrant but we wanted to be the colour, so kept décor simple with an acrylic theme - including the mandap!
Making new traditions
“I wanted my mum to do the Kaanya Daan, but she thought she wouldn’t be ‘allowed’ since my dad has passed away. It has to be a couple. I asked her, who made up this rule? To have this chance to give your daughter away is such a huge deal. I want you to do it. At first she was worried about what people would say. I told her, “people will think it’s amazing”. You don’t have to keep all the traditions. Sometimes you follow certain rules but don’t know the reason or why you’re doing it, so it’s time to make new traditions.”We found our Hindu priest Dharmasetu on YouTube (of course)! It turns out the priest’s brother is also a Hindu priest and married my brother and his wife years before! It felt like fate. That evening we had a dinner by the infinity pool. Every guest got a mini Jo Malone fragrance as a favour. It was really relaxed."

Beauty looks
“I did my own makeup. As a beauty vlogger I know what I like and didn’t want to sit in a chair for three hours. On the Big Day I wanted a look that would last and feel like me and look like me. I had amazing lash extensions so I didn’t need eye shadow, I just added tiny wings and YSL Tatouage Liquid Lip in no. 7.”

“Jo Malone generously scented our events. The main one was Wood Sage & Sea Salt but for certain events we’d layer with other scents. I added Tuberose Angelica for the ceremony.”

“Tatcha, the skincare brand, flew out their head facialist as a gift. It was the best surprise! They also gave bridesmaids boxes, which was so sweet.”

The reception party
““We don’t have typical jobs, and our relationship is very modern. Vex doesn’t view me as the 'wife in the kitchen' just like I don’t see him as the breadwinner. We’re a team. So we decided to deliver a joint wedding speech at the reception. We thanked everyone for being part of our celebrations then watched a same-day edit wedding clip.”

The reception was the one event where we wanted to go all out so the theme was ‘Ultimate Glam’. We had grey drapes around the walls of the Ballroom and up into the ceiling, which was anchored by a statement square grey black and silver ribbon chandelier finished with diamantes to catch the light.

Our first dance was to Major, Why I Love You.”

The Bride: Kaushal Beauty, 29
The Groom: Vex King, 31

Married: 28th May – 2nd June 2018
The Venue: Benito Juarez Cancun, Mexico
Photography: Jhankarlo

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