5 Traditional Indian Mehndi Designs For The Classic Bride-To-Be

5 Traditional Indian Mehndi Designs For The Classic Bride-To-Be

If you’d like to go the traditional route with your bridal mehndi, bookmark these intricate and detailed designs

ARTICLE BY : Arushi Sakhuja


Mehndi (also known as henna) is an age-old custom part of Indian weddings. Not only is it considered an auspicious ritual, but also a major pre-wedding event. The overnight wait to see the colour and design outcome is exhilarating for all. An interesting belief behind bridal mehndi is that the darker the colour, the happier the marriage. Whether you're a bride-to-be or a wedding guest who loves henna, you want the henna design to look pretty and be on point. While some brides prefer minimal designs, the more-is-more approach with traditional Indian mehndi will never go out of style. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some note-worthy mehndi designs for inspiration along with renowned artists who go the extra mile for every bride-to-be. 

1. It's All In The Details

The beauty of henna is truly highlighted in this intricate design by Manraj Henna. Featuring a peacock and architecture of the Mughal era, the attention to detail leaves us awestruck. Weaving in jaal and floral motifs on the feet, this richly detailed design should be on every bride's radar.

2. Perfect Figurines

A timeless design style, bride and groom figurines feature in almost every bride's henna design. But this one by KV Mehndi adds a refreshing twist by adding both the figurines on one arm. Mixing it up with jaal work, the design takes a more-is-more approach, and we aren't complaining!

3. Fancy Feet

Everyone pays a lot of attention to the henna creations on the arms but the feet cannot be ignored. If you want a delicate option, then less is definitely more. Featuring a henna payal—a traditional jewellery piece worn around the ankle—KV Mehndi gives you all the inspiration to add a minimalistic design to your feet.  

4. Love for Florals

For many years floral motifs have and will continue to be a hit in henna designs. The grace it adds to a bride's mehndi is unparalleled. And for those who have an unapologetic love for florals, this exquisite creation by KV Mehndi will perfectly match your wedding ensemble.

5. An Ode To Indian Weddings

The classic bride and groom henna design has been a long-time bridal favourite, and with good reason. You can only get this design when you’re getting married and it is as intricate as mehndi design can get. Here, Jaya Mehndi beautifully showcases the concept of an Indian nuptial ceremony through her detailed design.

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