6 Makeup Tips For Summer Brides, According To An Expert

6 Makeup Tips For Summer Brides, According To An Expert

Humidity Will Have Nothing On Your Wedding Makeup If You Follow These Suggestions By Aarti P.

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Summer is in full swing. Warm weather, clear skies, bright flowers, balmy days and blissful times make it a popular season to walk down the aisle. But most times, the skyrocketing temperatures bring with it sticky, sweltering heat and humidity. The repercussions are not just enough to make you sweat, but it can also wreak havoc on your bridal makeup. This means your beauty look is likely to smudge, slide and smear long before the big day is over. The good news is that with the right steps and the right set of products, you can handle the heat, assures renowned makeup artist Aarti P.
Below, she shares her best tips to ensure your makeup grips onto your skin until you decide to take it off.
Prep with the right skincare

When it comes to prepping for a summer bridal makeup, your skincare supports the entire look. “I’m a big believer in following a consistent AM and PM routine and getting the basics right. It’s important to layer your skincare in the correct order so that you really reap the benefits from your skin investment. Cleansing, toning, applying essence, then serum, eye cream, moisturiser and finally sunscreen” says Aarti.

Use the correct primer
Once your skin is hydrated and happy, Aarti suggests using a primer. “If you want the makeup to stick around for hours, it’s crucial to use a mattifying primer. It will keep excess shine away and create the perfect base for your makeup. Oil blotting sheets can also come in handy for quick fixes. Just pat them, don’t rub.”
Create the layered base

“The base is very important as you really don’t want to be adding layers of makeup, which ends up being noticeable,” she says. But it’s also key to apply thin layers of foundation, instead of a thick one to ensure your look doesn’t crease or flake. “I would pick a light formula for the foundation, but one with long-wearing properties. Thanks to its velvety, lightweight texture, Luminous Silk Oil-Free Foundation by Armani Beauty is my go-to to achieve a radiant look,” adds Aarti.

Don’t skip powder and spray

Even if you lean towards dewy makeup, setting powder will absorb oil and create a smoother, more poreless, and texture-less surface. “When applied strategically, loose powder will lock your look. Loose powder is usually not heavy or cakey, in fact, it sinks into the skin.  Seal your base with a mattifying setting spray for a seamless finish,” says Aarti.

Go metallic

For summer weddings, Aarti P recommends brides to go gold and bronze. “Metallic options look beautiful on all skin tones and add a warm glow to a bridal look. Golds and bronzes also match well with the embroidery on traditional Indian wear.”

Pick a velvet lip

While a matte lipstick may seem like an obvious choice for summer celebrations, “I love a velvet finish lipstick. Think strong colour yet light as air.”

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