8 Perfect Mehndi Designs For Symmetry-Loving Brides

8 Perfect Mehndi Designs For Symmetry-Loving Brides

Bookmark These Aesthetically Pleasing Designs By KV Mendhi For Your Wedding.

ARTICLE BY : Suhani Lotlikar


Long gone are the days when mehndi designs were limited to chunky circles on the palms and coloured fingertips. The art form of mehndi has changed over the years landing us on unimaginable motifs such as pet portraits and city skylines. While brides these days opt from a pool of different styles from elbow-high Indian mehndi to minimal Arabic climbers, it can be a tough task to achieve symmetry.

If you are a bride-to-be who loves symmetry, you have surely wanted to add clean lines and a great deal of balance to your wedding looks. And you can achieve this with your outfits, jewellery and even your mehndi design. You will want your mehndi design to perfectly wrap around your hands and even want mirroring motifs on both hands. Replicating motifs using mehndi is a tough task and needs years of practice to deliver perfection. Renowned UK-based henna artist Kavita of KV Mendhi has mastered this over the years working with real brides.

For brides who cannot get enough of the symmetric mehndi designs, here are our most-loved designs for your hands and feet by KV Mendhi for you to save.

There’s a soul-satisfying symmetry in this mehndi design, which features elephants that represent “loyalty, wisdom and longevity.” The design is perfectly finished with lines wrapping around the bride’s wrists.

This gorgeous mix of grids and gulf designs with floral mandalas can easily be mistaken as a mirror reflection. It is the ideal choice for an experimental bride to take it up a notch.

For the back of the hands, this bride was given the most intricate details by KV Mendhi for a dainty feel to her mehndi. The repetition of motifs added to the symmetric look of the design.

With this look, artist Kavita embraced the power of simplicity to deliver a sophisticated bridal mehndi design. The short length and minimal design are perfect for a soft bridal look.

One of Kavita’s real brides asked for a design for her feet with medium coverage to match her bridal hands. This reversed mehndi design delivered just that with the addition of symmetric toe-tip design.

If you are willing to go as intricate as this design, henna expert Kavita has some tricks up her sleeves to achieve balance in the design. This unique mehndi design is surely a choice for a brave bride.

KV Mendhi’s take on the traditional chunky designs is one to save for inspiration. The intricate additions to the finger give an elongated effect ideal for brides willing to have short of medium nails.

As one of the most preferred designs, Kavita consistently keeps it fresh by adding custom elements to each bride’s mehndi. This design featuring an excellent elephant motif on both legs is a great choice.

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