Destination Beauty

Destination Beauty

Meet the international MUAs who are putting the real face of bridal beauty on the map

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


England - Roshni Hair and Makeup
London-based Beauty extraordinaire
Pro bridal MUA for: 18+ years

She says: "My rates start from £600 per look, and my team and I are happy to travel worldwide. More brides are shying away from heavy makeup and want a pared back style that enhances their natural beauty. They want to look effortless, like they’re not wearing anything at all. We recommend at least three facials in the run up to the wedding, but not too close - we don’t want to risk breakouts on the day! Invest in a hardworking moisturiser, eye cream and foundation. And get high quality makeup brushes! They’re key to beauty perfection. My bridal beauty essential is false eyelashes. They make a huge impact to your look.
Brides should always carry lipstick in their clutch. It will refresh your look with one swipe. Lips are the one facial feature that will require more reapplication than others.
My proudest achievement to date is my Smashbox masterclass.
If I wasn’t a makeup artist, I’d be.. a lawyer."

Canada - Pink Orchid Studio
Presenting Vancouver’s finest
Pro bridal MUAs for: 9 years
They say: "Vancouver has a rep for hosting some of the most elaborate weddings around. Everything from the outfits to the venue and, yes, the hair and makeup has to be top of the line. We once worked with the late Sridevi - it was a defining moment in our careers. Her autograph hangs in the studio, and it reads: “Shannon and Harp, you are too good, keep it up. With love from Sridevi.”"

Australia - Fareha Bridal Studio
Beautifying brides in Sydney and beyond
Professional bridal MUA for: 15 years
They say: "We work on a first come, first serve basis. We prioritise bridal bookings and can sometimes receive bookings for up to two years in advance. Brides in Sydney are inclined towards a natural glowing look; they want to look like themselves on the wedding day. I recommend Vitaglow Infusions for brides who want to go to the next level of beauty. Huda Beauty’s collection complements South Asian skin so well. I’ve worked with top Bollywood celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Madhuri Dixit to name a few."

England - Ganga Airbrush
The Airbrush Artiste
Pro bridal MUA for: 8 years

She says: "My job takes me around the world, and there’s no destination too far! I can’t stress enough how much the right type of lashes can transform a look - and it doesn’t necessarily mean heavy lashes. My beauty mantras? Skin first, makeup second, smile always. If I wasn’t a makeup artist, I’d be... lost!"

France - Madusha Thavendran
The Parisian pioneer
Pro bridal MUA for: 6 years
She says: "The most important thing is to make every bride feel special. My makeup is focused on natural looking skin, respecting skin tones and bringing out their natural beauty. The best wedding I went to was at Château Bouffémont, it was an outdoor Hindu wedding with just 100 guests.
Foundation and concealer make you look like you’ve had 12 hours sleep - which we know is impossible for any bride the night before her wedding! A bride’s best beauty friend is setting powder.
My biggest achievement is the launch of my masterclass, the first in Paris by an Asian bridal MUA. My mantra is: “J’ai décidé d’être heureux parce que”, which means “I decided to be happy because..” Because, well why not?"
Instagram: @MadushaMakeup

England - Gini Bhogal
London’s makeup
Maestro Pro bridal MUA for: 24 years

She says: "Facials are great prep for brides, particularly deeply moisturising facials or exfoliating facials like Crystal Clear microdermabrasion. Have at least one a week, or one every alternate week, to get your skin ready for the wedding cameras. High quality makeup brushes are the best beauty investment you can make. Choose a brand like Bobbi Brown or MAC, who have invested time into making sure their brushes are up to scratch. The quintessential bridal beauty look is simple and elegant - you, but just a more polished version.
I’m a big fan of back to basics. I’ve always loved Sonam Kapoor’s style, but even more so after working with her on Khush’s Summer 2017 cover. She really is a natural beauty. I’m also a huge fan of how Rekha dressed back in the 80’s.
Don’t underestimate the power of great eyebrows; they open up the eye and give ample room for pretty makeup. It’s so important to make time for yourself in the run up to your wedding. A good body and head message works wonders in helping you relax." 

Dubai - Nina Ubhi
Poised for beauty world domination
Pro bridal MUA for: 15+ years
She says: "I’ve traveled everywhere for brides; the Maldives, Mauritius, Bali, Mumbai, New York and many more. My clients vary from the UAE Royal Family to well-known celebrities. I had a beach wedding in Dubai with the Burj Al Arab as my backdrop. There’s nothing like microdermabrasion, skin peels and oxygen therapy to give skin a thorough clean and jump start collagen production.
Skincare is non-negotiable; I swear by La Prairie Caviar and Crème de la Mer. STARSKIN masks are also my secret weapon when it comes to perfectly prepped skin before makeup. Asian brides love bold lips, so exfoliating them with a gentle scrub nightly is a must.
These days brides are much more flexible with their beauty looks and trust their artist to create what we think will suit them. Each bridal look I create is tailored for the unique woman in front of me. As I’m regularly booked for destination weddings, I’m a pro at crafting looks that can withstand extreme heat but still look flawless and natural. My career highlight is being signed by Dior for a makeup campaign - they put my face on huge billboards around Citywalk Dubai. If I wasn’t a makeup artist, I’d be a baker because I love cooking. It’s therapeutic and there’s a certain pleasure in seeing people I love enjoying my food." 

Canada - Beauty By Bushra
Talent in Toronto
Pro bridal MUA for: 5 years

She says: "The best weddings don’t need to have all the South Asian bells and whistles. Intimate gatherings are much more memorable. Bridal beauty prep needs to start months in advance, not a few weeks before the wedding. A high performing colour corrector goes a long way to a flawless finish; it keeps those pesky pigmented areas from peeking through expensive makeup. I couldn’t do without beautyblender®, nothing else gives that flawless finish. Always carry blotting powder. Even the longest lasting makeup needs a blot or two to ensure it stays fresh all night." 

Canada - Canvas Studio
Ontario beauty queens
Pro bridal MUA for: 2 years
They say: "We’ve grown quickly as a company, but that’s a direct result of our passion and drive. We’ll travel anywhere for your Big Day, but you’ll often find us in Mexico for destination weddings (we’ll be going three times this year alone)! What makes a wedding beautiful is the love as everyone celebrates together. Right now we’re obsessed with Korean skincare brands such as Dr.Jart+, CorsX as well as the Japanese brand Tatcha." 
• Instagram: @canvas_muah

Thailand - Drama Queen by Marisa
Bangkok beauty
Pro Pro bridal MUA for: 5 years

She says: "My husband may not approve of this statement, but beauty was, and will always be, my first love. Mario Dedivanovic, Pat McGrath, and Jeffree Star inspire me. I only commit to three or four brides a month so I can give them my attention, but I have a team of 20 artists on standby. I’m a passionate globetrotter; my work takes me everywhere from Bali to Singapore and India. There is nothing I love more than making a bride feel gorgeous, no matter where she lives." 
Instagram: @DramaQueenMakeupByMarisa


As seen in Khush Wedding Spring 2018 KW18. Buy this issue here

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