Get No-fail, Flawless Coverage With Airbrush Makeup On Your Big Day

Get No-fail, Flawless Coverage With Airbrush Makeup On Your Big Day

Renowned UK-based makeup artist Ganga spills the beans on this flawless makeup technique.

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High-definition, high-performing makeup will surely help you ace your base on your big day. But the key to a glowing bridal beauty look doesn’t just lie in the formula you use, instead it’s the application technique that matters most. Au naturale, dewy or dramatic matte, when a fail-safe wedding look is in question, airbrush makeup is your best bet. Want a full-coverage foundation? Done. Need a creamy blush that looks totally sun-kissed? Done. And if you’re not familiar with airbrush makeup, don’t fret. We tapped UK-based airbrushing makeup expert Ganga to answer every burning question you may have about it 

But first… what is airbrush makeup?

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Airbrushing is well-known for its glowing finish and adds zeal to every kind of skin type and bridal look. Airbrush makeup is when the foundation is sprayed on to the skin using a specialised, high-tech airbrushing gun. The foundation mixes with tiny air particles to create micro-dots that sit seamlessly on the face. As supposed to using makeup sponges, brushes or fingers, airbrush makeup doesn’t give streaks, feathers, or blotchy patches on the skin. The final look is completely smooth and even.

How does airbrush makeup work?

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The fine mist of the foundation is sprayed gently on the skin by an air compressor to leave the impression of a healthy, natural complexion. The best part is you can create lightweight, breathable coverage, or build it up as you please. Since it doesn’t entail any contact, airbrush makeup is more hygienic.

How does it feel compared to traditional foundation?

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Conventional methods of using a brush / sponge to apply foundation means you can sometimes end up pushing the product into the skin. Airbrush makeup doesn’t clog your pores. It is so light that most brides can’t feel the makeup on them. Airbrush makeup is great not just for beauty lovers, but especially for those who don’t wear makeup on a regular basis. While you may think the application method leaves a thin base, airbrush makeup actually tends to be more concentrated in terms of colour and coverage.

What are the benefits of airbrush makeup?
Other than giving an even-tone, picture-perfect finish, airbrush makeup is smudge-proof as it prevents any smears or absorption that can be caused by brushes or sponges. This means the longevity of airbrush makeup is much more than traditional foundation, so you don’t have to worry about your base through the day or night. Airbrush makeup will stay put for your ceremony through your reception. It is also waterproof, so brides don’t need to worry about their makeup sliding off their face after shedding some tears during the ceremony.

Is airbrush makeup for you?
Everyone, anyone, at any age can benefit from Airbrushing makeup, whether you’re a female or male. While it is ideal for any kind of skin, it is particularly great for sensitive and mature skin as it doesn’t sink into the skin.

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