How To Create A Gorgeous Metallic Makeup Look For Your Wedding Day

How To Create A Gorgeous Metallic Makeup Look For Your Wedding Day

Bring Out Your Glow With Makeup Artist Aarti P.

ARTICLE BY : Nupur Sarvaiya


Gold and bronze are a wedding perennial. There are many ways to embrace this highly sought-after metallic shades, from the sequins on your lehenga to the shine on your metallic stilettos. But award-winning makeup artist Aarti P loves metallics even more in bridal makeup than she does in jewellery. A lavish wedding or intimate ceremony, this season, Aarti P wants brides to go gold and bold with their beauty looks. “Foiled, pearlescent, dewy, sun-kissed or shimmery, gilded options look beautiful on all skin tones and add a warm glow that only amplifies that coveted bridal aura. There’s a reason it’s a wedding and red carpet go-to: metallic eyes or highlighter, gold can up the ante on the glamour front, while being universally flattering,” Aarti says.

First Steps

Aarti P, who has worked her magic on brides from across the world, cultures and faiths, feels, “Whether you want to keep it au naturale or dramatic, a gorgeous, glowy base is key for every stunning makeup look. Start by cleansing the skin, followed by a layer of antioxidant-infused serum and a moisturiser. For a sun-kissed look, the e.l.f. Cosmetics’ long-wearing Camo Powder Foundation works excellently. A primer-powered formula, it delivers buildable coverage and an airbrushed finish.”

On A High Note

“Gold makeup has no rules, so the options are endless. But if you’d rather take baby steps, shimmery pigments can be applied sparingly to create that lit-from-within radiance. A few pumps of liquid highlighter can be blended with the moisturiser for a diffused look. And if you don’t shy away from shining bright, pull out all stops. Use highlighter to your cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, beneath the brow bone and at the inner corners of eyes for an instant glow-up,” suggests Aarti. And when it comes to photographs, you’re, well, golden.

Lock Eyes

Eye makeup is the easiest way to introduce shimmer and shine, says Aarti P. “Gold eye makeup sets the tone for playing with your lip colour. My go-to is e.l.f. Cosmetics’ liquid glitter eyeshadow and Big Mood mascara. A sheer wash of gold shadow paired with a fuchsia lipstick is a great choice for a pre-wedding celebration, whereas metallic lids combined with a red lip is a classic choice for the main ceremony. Or bring your A-game to the sangeet with glittery shadow in a unique shade like a forest green.”

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