How to get the best from your massage

How to get the best from your massage

Consider it your knead to know guide

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Always wondered how to get the most from your massage? We sat down with Noella Gabriel, Managing Director and Co-Founder of ELEMIS to learn her top tips.

How can I prepare pre-massage?
Book time, arrive early for a consultation before your treatment so the therapists can pick the most suitable products. It is also recommended that you shower before a massage treatment as the warm water from a shower is beneficial as it will relax and warm the muscles to enable a more effective result from the massage.

Are unshaven/ unwaxed legs poor etiquette?
No, our therapists are extremely professional and they have no issue with this, but we do advise if you want to remove hair, please do so 24 hours ahead of the appointment as we do not recommendation shaving on the same day as skin may be more sensitive.

Should you adopt a different breathing technique (as in yoga, deep and slow)?
Therapists do advise to perform abdominal breathing throughout the treatment as this will oxygenate the body cells, increasing relaxation.

Should I re-arrange the massage if I’m menstruating?
It is down to personal preference if you want to rearrange, however the therapists have no issue with this.

What do you wish massage clients would do/ ask for?
We always aim that customers feel welcomed and comfortable enough to tell therapists how they are feeling throughout the massage and inform them if they want to change the pressure/ technique. It is important to let your therapist know if you are not comfortable with elements of the treatment at the time.

Which massage is best for stressed brides-to-be?
Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage is perfect for alleviating high stress levels. Therapists select an aromatic oil according to your concerns, be they muscle pain, stress relief, pure relaxation or emotional balance and then will massage deep into the muscles to release stress and tension.

What makes Elemis’ The Garden of England Rose Restore massage a great treatment for brides?
The Garden of England Rose Restore is a perfect massage for brides/brides to be as it involves extreme hydration and a body wrap, both working with Rose, Camelina and Poppy Seed to leave your skin exquisitely moisturised, intensely supple and deliciously scented.

What style of massage would you recommend on honeymoon?
I would recommend ELEMIS' Body Nectar Nourishing Wrap, which is a skin conditioning wrap where the therapist applies aromatic oils in soft sweeping motions to relax and give skin maximum hydration. This is particularly good if you’re honeymooning somewhere hot and sitting in the sun as sun will zap skins hydration so this treatment can help restore and replenish skin.

What are post-massage no-nos? (alcohol, exercise, etc)
Spa treatments can have a strong detoxing effect, so drinking alcohol is a no-no as it can strain your kidneys making you even more tired before your treatment.

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