Life on the lash

Life on the lash

10 things to know about getting, and living with, eyelash extensions

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Big, fluttery lashes are on every bride’s beauty wish list, but if you’ve never quite learned the art of attaching falsies, there is a much simpler, and longer lasting alternative.

Yep, I’m talking about eyelash extensions. I went to Agnes dos Santos in Kensington to find out more

1.  You’ll need to have a test patch 48 hours before your appointment to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction to the glue, but don't worry, the chances of this is minimal. And animal-lovers, take note; all the extensions used at Ages dos Santos are 100% vegan.

2.  They can take up to two hours to apply. Each extension is bonded permanently to each of your real eyelashes, so it’s painstaking work. Two hours is the max, but it can be less depending on your chosen lash density (the fuller you want them, the longer it’s likely to take). It may feel like an age, but the final effect is so worth it. Clear your diary!

3. You can change the appearance of your eyes depending on where you have your extensions placed. If you’ve always dreamed of elegant almond-shaped eyes, have the longest lashes placed on the outer corners. Want to appear more wide-awake? Placing the longest lashes in the middle of your lashline will do the trick. Discuss the effect you want during your consultation, and let the eyelash fairies at Agnes dos Santos take care of the rest.

4. Once applied, stay away from oil-based products and water. Oil will loosen the glue and undo all the hard work. Avoid water around the eyes for the first 24 hours to allow the glue to fully dry, using cleanser on a cotton pad to freshen up your eye area. 

5. The effect of eyelash extensions is transformative and magnetic. Prepare yourself for stares of wonderment and as everyone from your parents to the postwala tries to figure out why you look different.

6.  You’ll feel effortlessly glamorous ALL. THE TIME. Even on those lazy Sundays when your hair’s scrapped into a topknot and you’re watching your third Netflix boxset. When your lashes are on fleek, everything else just falls into place. They’re perfect if bae drops round unexpectedly.


7.  You’ll become more efficient. If you’ve gone for the full false lash effect, you’ll find that you only need minimal makeup elsewhere so getting ready will take half the time - leaving you more time to tackle your wedmin list, hurrah! 

8.  They’re highly addictive. Each extension falls away with your real lash, so if you want to maintain the effect for your honeymoon, book a top up session. It takes less time than applying a full set at just 60 minutes at Agnes dos Santos.

9.  Unlike falsies, eyelash extensions feel totally weightless. They’re perfect for brides with weak or damaged lashes who want a fuller look as well as those looking to enhance their peepers. You’ll forget you have them on most of the time!

10. You’ll do everything you can to protect them, even when you’re unconscious. Say goodbye to waking up to pillow creases because if you’re a side sleeper, having eyelash extensions will change the way you snooze. Ditto your skin care routine. As you’re more aware of your new lashes, you’ll be more careful when applying creams and serums (as you should be on delicate under-eye skin). It’s a win-win situation!

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