Makeup Mistakes To Avoid According To A Beauty Pro

Makeup Mistakes To Avoid According To A Beauty Pro

Memorise These Beauty Dos And Donts.

ARTICLE BY : Nupur Sarvaiya


When we think of creating the perfect makeup look, we often talk about tips to get that chiseled face, plump lips and of course a flawless base. While it’s great to learn the tricks and hacks, it’s the mistakes that can make your look go down south. Not prepping the skin can make your makeup will bake or slide off. Imperfect foundation colour can make you look dark or grey. There are tonnes of things that can go wrong, so we got Vithya Visvendra to share her advice on the most common makeup blunders and how to avoid them. The London-based makeup artist and educator has worked with several celebrities including Prasanna & Sneha, Meena and Amy Jackson.

Keep reading to check out the expert’s makeup Dos and Dont’s you need to follow now.

Using Too Much Product

It may feel like an obvious step to use a lot of product, particularly a foundation, when you have too many blemishes or prefer heavy coverage. But Vithya points out that too much product can look cakey, will dry out and also highlight wrinkles and lines.

Not Blending Your Foundation Well

Vithya recommends refraining from using heavy foundation for the day. “But if you have a dry skin and prefer heavy coverage, then a liquid formula is great. You can also use a stick foundation very lightly with a moisturising concealer. Either way, blending it well is key. Instead of a flat brush, use a stipple brush or a sponge dampened and really blend it into the skin.”

Contour, But Softly

“Using a dark colour contour as a line can surely give the illusion of an uplifted look. But instead, if you go soft with the contouring and blend it well, it will look more natural and better. Go higher up on the cheeks for a better structure. Avoid a very dark shade for your nose too. When it comes to jawline, don’t apply the product directly on it. Wear it slightly below the jawline for better definition,” she shares.

Go Easy On Highlighter

“Using a silvery highlighter is great if you have a formal event or your wedding day, when there’s going to be good lighting. Otherwise go easy on it. Don’t apply highlighter on the eye socket area—keep that area clean. I like Hourglass Cosmetics highlighter because it’s sheer and not very glittery. Avoid it if you have acne prone skin, especially shimmery products.”

Go For Natural-Looking Brows
“Brows on fleek on Instagram might be a huge thing, but in real life, it’s not ideal. Really dark brows and making it look stronger with foundation or arched brow is not a good look. I prefer pencil but gel works too. Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Definer is a good one. Go for hairier brows with brush strokes for a fuller look,” she explains.

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