The Ultimate AM to PM Skincare Regime Every Bride Must Follow

The Ultimate AM to PM Skincare Regime Every Bride Must Follow

A comprehensive guide to help you achieve that coveted glow on your big day!

ARTICLE BY : Arushi Sakhuja


Just like having a different summer and winter beauty regime is essential, establishing a separate day and night skincare routine is quintessential. Many brides find themselves questioning what products should be used in the AM and what should be used in the PM. When catching up on your beauty sleep, our skin revitalises and rejuvenates itself making a handful of products more efficient at night. However, other products like sunscreen and moisturise are unmissable when you’re starting your day. To help you achieve your dream skin, we’ve put together a skincare guide to navigate you through an AM to PM skincare routine.

The Daytime Skincare Routine

Step One: Cleanser

The first thing to do as you begin your day should be cleansing your face. Ensure you pick a cleanser based on your skin type. Apply some on a cotton swab and gentle cleanse your face to help remove all the dirt particles. Follow this by washing your face with a face wash to clean out your pores.

Step Two: Toner
Once you're done cleaning your face, it's essential to close all the open pores. And this is exactly what a toner will help you achieve. We recommend an alcohol- free toner to help you achieve refreshed and hydrated skin. However, if you wish to go the natural route, rose water doubles up as a great toner.

Step Three: Serum

Apply a generous amount of serum to get you ready for the day. Pick a serum that is best suited for your skin troubles.

Step Four: Moisturise
No matter what the weather, moisturising your skin is essential especially if you have dry skin. Moisturising works as the final step to lock in the benefits of the other products, while leaving your skin soft, supple and hydrated.

Step Five: Sunscreen

The last and most essential step is sunscreen. Apply it 30 minutes before stepping out of the house and don't forget to re-apply it every few hours. Sunscreen prevents your skin from the harmful UV rays that damage your skin. Apply sunscreen even if you’re at home.

The Nighttime Skincare Routine

Step One: Makeup Remover
After a long day, it's essential to remove all the makeup particles and clean your face. Makeup often clogs the pores and can be a cause of acne, so you don't want to miss this step. Follow up the routine by washing your face with a gentle facewash.

Step Two: Toner
Finish the cleansing routine with a toner. For the night you can opt for a toner with AHA and BHA to help your skin rejuvenate the next morning.

Step Three: Eye-Cream

The first product that goes onto your face at night should be your night eye-cream. Yes, you can’t forget to give those eyebags some extra love!

Step Four: Face Oil

The night is the best time to apply face oils as they can penetrate deep into your skin for best results overnight. A facial oil doesn't make your skin greasy, but instead helps to hydrate it well.

Step Five: Night Cream

Finally complete your routine with a night cream to seal in all the benefits of the products. Wake up to soft and supple well hydrated skin!

Step Six: Sleeping Mask

Throw in a sleeping mask once a week to give your skin some extra TLC.



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