The Importance of Sleep Before Your Wedding Day

The Importance of Sleep Before Your Wedding Day

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A wedding takes a crazy amount of preparation that can be overwhelming to the bride, especially on the days that lead up to the Big Day. That’s when the guests arrive, rehearsals take place, and all the last-minute details and alterations are combed through.

With all these concerns, one thing that brides always seem to overlook is the amount of sleep they get especially the night before the ceremony. But whether it’s excitement or a case of the jitters, every bride should feel well rested and rejuvenated on the day of their wedding.

Let’s delve into the reasons why.

Gets your head in the game

For some, a wedding feels more like a sport than it is an elaborate party for hundreds of people. You know all the details, memorised the guest list, and you’ve prepared for any mishaps that may be thrown your way. If you don’t get enough sleep, you may be thrown off-balance instead
The BBC reported that sleep deprivation disrupts brain cells from firing properly and sending messages to the other parts of the body. Memory retention becomes a slower process, so you might be unable to recall your vows on the spot.

Leesa suggests that this effect even extends to how events are perceived, which means that a wedding may be associated with negative moments instead of being the best day of a couple's lives. On top of that, it also affects your ability to concentrate and balance. The last thing you want is your guests to see you trip down the aisle because you’re weary from not getting enough sleep.

Keeps your emotions in check

Despite all of the preparations, complications typically appear even if they’re just minor details. But brides don’t go crazy over the tiniest of things, right?
If you are sleep deprived, the opposite is actually more likely. Sleep deprivation alters the mind’s ability to control stress and anger levels. An article from the Independent explains that lack of sleep increases activity in the brain’s emotional control centre. Sleep loss disconnects it from the part that controls response which is equivalent to overreaction to stimuli.

Stay healthy, stay energised

Getting enough sleep the night before is crucial to your energy levels on the big day. Healthline explains that sleep is the time when the body’s immune system produces substances that protects the body from foreign invaders such as bacteria that carry colds or other illnesses. Not getting enough sleep also doesn’t give the body enough time to recuperate and transform food into energy, which translates to feeling exhausted the next day. A bride needs to get enough sleep so that she can enjoy the wedding she’s worked so hard for.

Helps attain that bridal glow

A study by The Royal Society proved that beauty sleep is a real thing. It showed that another person’s willingness to come up to a well-rested individual was higher because they had a more appealing aura or what’s called a glowing personality. During sleep, the body boosts blood flow to the face making it appear more attractive and to the area around the eyes which ensures that the bride doesn’t get puffy or panda eyes overnight. Cover it with makeup all you want but makeup legend Gini Bhogal told Khush Wedding that, “…while beauty trends come and go, the natural look is one that brides will love forever.”



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