Lockdown Rules Lifted for Weddings in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson Announces

Lockdown Rules Lifted for Weddings in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson Announces

In welcome news, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has eased several wedding restrictions even though England lockdown is extended

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Couples trying to walk down the aisle or planning their wedding since March 2020 have faced a bevy of frustrations (read: several postponements, refund concerns, lack of insurance payouts, and of course, the uncertainty about the end of coronavirus restrictions). And the constant threat of further delay to planned nuptials has frayed nerves for the 50,000 couples alone hoping to get married in the UK in the four weeks from June 21, 2021.

On Monday, June 14, Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed off on the decision to delay the lifting of unlock four. This means the restrictions will remain in place for four more weeks until July 19. But as Edward Argar, Minister of State for Health, indicated that couples waiting to get married are “very much” in Johnson’s mind and he is "very sensitive" towards their dire situation. And lucky for us, Argar couldn’t be more on point!

To everyone’s relief, the prime minister has softened the blow for couples waiting to get married. They will no longer have to adhere to the cap on guest limit and some other restrictions. The announcement has been welcome news to couples, who have been plagued the outbreak. But what happens now? Could it mean the relaunch of grand weddings for those to-be-wed this year? What rules and limitations do couples still have to live with? We have got all answers, so you can walk into marital bliss.

Your roadmap to weddings in 2021

What is allowed

•    From next week on, the 30-person limit imposed on weddings will be scrapped, even if other restrictions remain in place. This will allow planned weddings and civil ceremonies in the UK to go ahead with more than 30 guests in attendance.
•    Like England, there are no limits on wedding guest numbers in Northern Ireland. But in Scotland, the number of guests will vary according to the level their area is in, and the maximum number of people allowed is 200.
•    As a blanket, venue operators will need to assess how many people they can accommodate in a COVID-secure manner.
•    The ‘no limit on numbers’ rule will only be applicable for wedding and receptions held at outdoor venues, be it gardens, backyard, lawns, vineyard, hotels or private properties.
•    Couples can also host celebrations in an indoor venue, but this does not include private homes.

What is banned

•    For indoor celebrations, the social distancing rules will continue.  
•    Dancing at indoor ceremonies will not be allowed, with the exception of the couple’s first dance.
•    Guests and staff without masks will also be required to wear masks at all times, unless eating or drinking.
•    Seating for food and drinks cannot exceed six guests per table.
•    Stand-up drink receptions at wedding venues are banned for the time being too.  

What is recommended

•    The guideline urges guests and couples to consider cash donations and online gifts instead of physical options.
•    Reusable booklets and devotional material should also be avoided; single use alternatives are ideal.
•    It is also preferable to refrain from communal singing and outdoor dancing during the festivities.
•    While weddings are a cause for celebrations to say the least, guests are advised to make their own assessment of the risk of hugging others.   

For more information please check the U.K. government website here


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