A piece of cake!

A piece of cake!

Tales of wedding cake successes with Cake Boulevard

ARTICLE BY : Hanisha Sethi


As ever, a wedding cake plays the main focal point for a bridal couple. Officially cutting into a wedding cake  is both a vital and visual part of the day for family and friends. Kiran Mandalia, Creative Director at Cake Boulevard, explains why the first process to cake designing, is potentially the most important:

“We first meet the client to understand their requirements and style - this is complimentary. It also provides them with an opportunity to taste our cakes. We then review the clients decor as well as their outfits because this leads into the design concept for their beautiful centre piece.”

With so many flavours to choose from,  personalisation is encouraged: “We are well versed in creating new flavours for clients. Our team of bakers consistently push boundaries to ensure each cake is perfect in taste and texture, and we taste and tweak until we achieve the desired result. This ensures clients are always presented with flavours that are well balanced.” 

In any fast-paced business, quality control is key. On overcoming any sticky situations, Kiran has it covered: “Our baking processes are stream-lined and accurate in every way. However, if a cake was not up to the standard we deliver, we would simply re-bake.” Kiran also offers her clients a little bonus: “All our designs are hand sketched onto a tablet which creates a time lapse video of how the design was created - a perfect keepsake for every couple!”

Rustic Florals

“This piece took centre stage at The Natural History Museum. The task was to create the perfect height which was key to complement the opulent ceilings whilst ensuring the couple were not overpowered. “

Centre Stage

“The venue of choice was Jumeriah Carlton, in Knightsbridge, and the staging was beautiful with the fl oral gates. For this cake, we focused on height, and selected shades of red from the vast array of colours from the decor. We opted for no fl orals on the base stand to ensure the cake complemented the surroundings perfectly. The cake was set in the middle of the dance floor, and by creating a large volume of space around the cake, guests are drawn to this upon entering the room.”

Showcase Piece

“The brief was to create an elegant peacock inspired cake. We created a laser cut torso of the peacock from a gold mirror, with a cascade of floral overhanging the table which allowed for an elegant yet eye catching finish.”

Texture Trends

“Texture, hand-painting and cut through art are current trends. We have to be mindful of combining so many elements. We kept the combination subtle, and used fresh flowers to tie the theme together.”

Floral Wonderland

“An elegant ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme was proposed by clients. We depicted a snow like effect with a touch of blue and peach to match the theme and the bride’s dress. A fl oral base was used to soften the sharp edges of the square tiered cake. We were blown away by the printed dance floor which was even created to depict a frozen lake!”

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