Ask your cake designer

Ask your cake designer

Questions to ask your cake designer

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


I don’t want a traditional cake. What are my options?
A. If you don’t want a wedding cake for your reception don’t worry - you’re not alone. Cake designers have seen an upswing in the number of orders for cupcake towers and dessert tables for couples who don’t want to venture down the traditional wedding cake route. The majority of designers already diversify into other areas and can make cake pops, cupcakes, macarons and other delectable sweets in any flavour and in all the colours of the rainbow. Discuss alternatives with your designer to come up with the best option.

Q. How can you make my cake stand out?
A. Traditional Asian weddings are a world away from the white weddings of the West, so why should your cake be any different? Statement wedding cakes to match the tone and theme of your Big Day are a huge trend, so talk over colours and pattern with your designer at the consultation.

Q. What are my filling choices?
A. The fillings of a wedding cake are practically infinite. Whether you’re after the quintessential vanilla cream and strawberry jam, eggless zingy lemon or want to indulge your guests’ tastebuds with salted caramel packed between chocolate and orange sponge, let your imagination run free! Struggling to pick just one flavour combo? Ask your designer to make each tier in separate flavours, to allow you to cater to all your guests’ tastes.

Q. How many days before my wedding will my cake be made?
A. Cake designers can have multiple deliveries on any given day, especially during the summer wedding season, so your designer could whip up your cake up to four days before you tie the knot. It’s nothing to lose sleep over as a few days in the designer’s fridge won’t impact on the look or taste of the cake, but the closer it’s made to your day, the better.

Q. Can you customise cakes or must I choose from your designs?
A. A good cake designer should have an extensive portfolio of past designs for you to leaf through, but should also be flexible enough to incorporate your ideas into the design. Broadly speaking most experienced designers are able to create a cake that is uniquely yours, but ensure you discus your ideas in the early stages.

Q. I want lots of detail on my cake, how will the cake be finished?
A. The scope for finishing your cake is wide and varied depending on the design you choose. A classic cake could incorporate flowers, edible gold leaf, glitter and pearls - even lace to match the embroidery on your wedding gown or lehenga! Sugar flowers create realistic detail but are labour-intensive, which could push up your final costs. Buttercream and edible flowers are great alternatives at a fraction of the cost.

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