10 Banging Beats To Get The Party Started

10 Banging Beats To Get The Party Started

Get your groove on with these onbeat tracks.

ARTICLE BY : Arushi Sakhuja


Hearing upbeat music almost always brings out the dancer within us. And no matter how much you resist it, you will find yourself tapping your feet or moving your shoulders just a little. That's the power of hindi songs. With irresistible tunes and a peppy vibe, these tracks often fill the air with the true spirit of a wedding. If having fun and enjoying yourself is a top priority, then these beats are a must-have in your baraat playlist. From Badshah to the hottest ‘Jalebi Baby’ track by Tesher x Jason Derulo, here's our curation of the best songs to add to your wedding playlist.

1. Jalebi Baby

This is undoubtedly the wedding anthem of the year. Jason Derulo X Tesher's latest version of ‘Jalebi Baby’ will make you get up and move like jagger. We bet you won't be able to resist the rhythm of the beat.

2. Wakhra Swag

Full of punch with lyrics that will make you laugh, it's all about bringing your swag to the party with this number that's full of zest.

3. Paani Paani

Badshah's latest number featuring the smoking hot Jacqueline Fernandes is just the song you need to amp up the heat. Flaunt your thumkas as you sway to the song.

4. Sakhiyaan

It was a rage in 2020, and we can now say that this song is here to stay. Unlike other fast-paced songs, Maninder Buttar’s ‘Sakhiyaan’ is slow yet impactful.

5. Gal Ban Gayi

A contemporary version of an old classic. Sometimes all you need are good old hindi songs to bring life to the party.

6. Tunak Tunak Tun

No wedding playlist is complete without a track by Daler Mehndi. This number is a hit amongst people of all age brackets and will surely get all the wedding guests grooving. Bonus? The hook step will have everyone on the dance floor together.

7. Nadiyon Paar

We have all obsessed over the track ‘Let The Music Play’ and the new iteration of the song takes it to a whole new level. Adding a modern day feel to the song with instrumental music, this is a must add number.

8. Oh Ho Ho Ho

Old is gold just like this track by one of the top wedding singers Sukhbir. Known for his game-changing numbers that always add a burst of energy, this song will ensure you have the time of your life.

9. Illegal Weapon 2.0

Contrary to the name of the song, this upbeat song is full of fun. For the groom who loves hip hop, this should definitely be the time you show your moves.

10. Ho Jayegi Balle Balle

Go down the memory lane as you let the elderly enjoy this number to the fullest. Yes, the youngster will shake a leg too, making this the track of the evening.


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