Reception Party Entertainment

Reception Party Entertainment

4 ways to keep guests intrigued

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Drumroll please; presenting a Dhol group with a difference

What makes you different?
“We’ve learned the art from some of the best names in the country, and we practice all the time to keep us sharp. Clients say our energy is infectious and we look like we’re having a great time - which of course, we are.”

What do you love about weddings?
“Seeing guests, young and old, get off their seats and really going for it on the dance floor. We also love entrances where the groom’s family and friends dance him in on his special day.”

What’s the best thing you’ve done?
“Some of us were asked to play for Indian PM Narendra Modi at his 2015 UK visit. It was incredible playing to a crowd of 60,000 at Wembley Stadium.”

What are your most popular requests?
“We’re asked to play everything from Bollywood to Bhangra, but also hits like Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, Despacito and Apache by The Sugarhill Gang.”

Why should couples book you?
“We don’t charge silly prices, but that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality or presentation. We believe the drama of the Dhol should be an option for everyone, whatever their budget.”

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Add a twist (and shake!) to your special day

What styles of dance do you offer?
“We perform a number of styles to a professional standard, including Bollywood, Bhangra, Belly dance, Brazilian Samba, Hawaiian/Tahitian Hula, Burlesque Cabaret, Irish dance, Chinese fanveil, fusion and more. We can also design performances around specific themes, like Superheroes, The Great Gatsby and Wild West.”

How many in the group?
“Most events only require a maximum of 4 performers. However we have a roster of around 12 regular dancers to cater for busier periods, such as summer.”

What can you do for weddings?
“Three popular options are: meet and greet (perfect during drinks), performances in one or more styles, and interactive sessions where we teach fun dance moves to guests.”

Why should couples book Star Dancers UK?
“We perform several different dance styles authentically and with high quality costumes that ensure we look the part. Couples can choose more than one dance style for their special day, without compromising on quality. Past clients have gone wild for our high-energy, authentic Bollywood performances, and our interactive sessions are the quickest way to get your guests on the dance floor!”

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Six reasons you MUST hire a photo booth for your reception

1. Everyone loves a selfie
Your mates, your aunties, even nanima! Add personalised props and different background and guests will be queuing up for their turn in front of the camera.

2. They’re unique
Heavenly Photobooths can be customised with bespoke backdrops, unique print layouts or a red carpet for a glam reception party. The company also offers a great range of props, inflatables, hats, wigs, funny placards and props on sticks.

3. They’re a crowd pleaser
Chances are your guest list is made up of groups from different parts of your life – family, high school friends, uni mates, your work wives – who may only have you in common. A photobooth is an easy conversation starter and a great way to get guests mingling.

4. It’s REALLY fun
Weddings can be serious affairs, but when it comes to the reception, you can really let your hair down! What better way than having a giggle with your nearest while Heavenly Photobooths captures those goofy, spontaneous moments? Best of all, everyone can join in; from kids to grandparents.

5. They make epic wedding souvenirs
Can’t wait for official pics of your day? With Heavenly Photobooths, you won’t have to! Images are instantly printed in black and white or colour and there’s even an option of HD Video Messaging if hiring the photobooth.

6. They work for any theme
You’ve painstakingly crafted the perfect theme, so the last thing you want is something that sticks out like a sore thumb! Heavenly Photobooths can organise decorated photobooths perfectly tailored for your event.

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Tackle First Dance nerves with a seasoned choreographer

How many lessons does it take to master a dance?
“It depends on your confidence level, prior experience and ultimately your passion. I can gauge confidence after the first class, and we’ll plan lessons accordingly. Confidence comes with time; I’ve worked with couples who dread getting on the dance floor but leave dancing all the way home!”

But I’ve got two left feet!
“Dance is supposed to be fun; you’re shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. If someone is struggling, I’ll slow down. It’s about achieving your best and being at ease.”

What styles do you teach?
“I’m trained in Bharathanatyam, Bhangra, Gaana and Bollywood. I also teach contemporary, hip hop and jazz. When it comes to weddings, clients love a mix.”

Why should couples hire you?
“I love weddings! They’re the best, and being able to help couples through my ultimate passion, dance, is so rewarding. I give couples the freedom to chose what they want, and support them with my dance expertise. It’s their day. That said, I also give couples the chance to explore styles, songs and themes that they may have not considered. My ultimate goal is to have fun and give them confidence to dance more in the future.”

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As seen in Khush Wedding Autumn 2017 KW16. Buy this issue here

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