2020 World's Best Photographers

2020 World's Best Photographers

As Seen By Ravi, A Lifetime of Memories in Candid Captures

ARTICLE BY : Hanisha Sethi


Weaving together the story of your special day through exquisite imagery is at the heart of Ravi Patel’s work.  His photography is inspired by elegant looks that capture a feeling rather than a scene. “I love how a photo can be looked at years later and you can go back to that exact point in time, and still be able to feel every emotion.” For Ravi, it’s a huge privilege to play such a vital role at someone’s wedding. It goes beyond just taking photos of the couple, and capturing those moments that people may miss.” Ravi believes having a strong relationship with a client is the key to capture amazing pictures and emotions. “To form a bond with a couple  you need to have trust. Anyone can take great pictures, but to capture the best moments, you need the client to feel confident and comfortable.” Having travelled worldwide fulfil those wedding goals, Ravi has documented a couple’s Big Day in India, Spain, Italy, Morocco, France and Mauritius, to name a few of his most luxurious destination shoots.
Forever Photography
“The secret to taking an excellent photo is being able to capture the funny faces and emotions without sticking the camera directly in front of the couple! In essence, just capturing a candid, raw photo whilst letting the couple just be themselves.”

Trust & Expertise
“Initially I wasn’t sure if my wedding could go ahead as my father’s health was deteriorating. Ravi assured me he would leave the date free regardless, and told me to focus on my family until the time was right. With one of my father’s last wishes, our wedding went ahead, and with all the last minute changes, Ravi was there. Ravi’s understanding, and professionalism will reassure you, you’ve made the right choice.” Ali & Zehra

Wedding Memos
“The best moments are snapping raw emotions. Such as the looks between the bride and groom when they see each other from opposite ends of the aisle for the first time.
It’s simply magical.”

About Ravi
“I am incredibly organised, and plan meticulously for your Big Day. This will enable you to be stress-free throughout all your events, allowing me to capture all the smiles, laughter, fun and frolics with your friends and family.”

Why Weddings?
“A perfect wedding deserves to be documented justly. I genuinely get satisfaction from capturing these special moments of a wedding, and providing you with a way to go back to these times in years to come.”

Why Destinations?
“My most memorable shoot was in Venice. The beautiful architecture, canals, romantic bridges and gondolas makes the city an incredible place to capture precious moments. It’s a brilliant place to get creative!”

As Seen By Ravi
London & Worldwide
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