2020 World's Best Photographers

2020 World's Best Photographers

Kam Dhiman Capturing Timeless Moments & Everlasting Memories

ARTICLE BY : Hanisha Sethi


As a child, Kam Dhiman remembers wearing his father’s SLR camera around his neck and taking endless, candid photographs wherever he could. Back in 2010, after taking photos at a friend’s wedding, he discovered his love and passion for documenting precious moments of a bride and groom’s Special Day. What started as a hobby over 10 years ago, has now turned into a fulfilling and award-winning career.

Kam constantly looks to evolve, and believes he has a cutting-edge approach to wedding photography. “I am always looking at new ideas and techniques, all whilst aspiring to keep the sanctity of a classic wedding day.” Describing his style as “timeless, documentary and chic”, Kam believes an excellent photo comes with having great rapport with a client. “With that spark, comes a mutual understanding of what a couple want, and how the photographer can deliver. This in turn, means the photos are a true reflection of who the couple are.”

Intimate Rituals
“Every aspect of a Wedding Day is special from the moment a parent first sees their son or daughter on the morning of the Big Day, to the momentous ceremony and wonderful reception. Even though the doli/bidaii is a sombre part of the day, it’s a unique and personal ritual which I am grateful to be able to document. It captures the most intimate emotions of a family, and I am careful in not being intrusive. The love you feel at this moment in time, is incomparable.”

Memorable Moments
“The most memorable location to date, has been a pre-wedding shoot in Iceland. The photoshoot was booked in Winter, so the clients and I decided to make the most of the cold weather and explore Iceland. It did not disappoint! From my perspective, it was one of the most testing shoots, as we had so many different terrains to cross in order to reach the various locations we had picked. The most amazing spot was the DC-3 plane wreck, which is a famous site in the south of Iceland. The rustic aircraft shell lays on haunting black sands, after the U.S aircraft crashed there in 1973. Thanks to its sparse and wild surrounding landscape, it’s a visual contrast to the aircraft’s gnarled metal. We drove for miles off-road on a snow and ice track, but once we arrived it was breathtakingly beautiful. The shoot was unique, and the surroundings were unlike anything we had ever seen before. That’s where the magic happened…” 

Clients Say
“What we thought would be a 30 minute consultation, turned into a 2-hour chat with someone who felt like an old friend. We knew then that Kam’s vision was what we wanted. He made sure we were happy as for us, and every couple, having the right team capturing our day, was our main priority”
- Rav & Jitti

All about the love
“I look to fashion, film, and art to incorporate new techniques and ideas to wedding photography. I am motivated to create imaginative compositions and love to chase light. It’s my love for imagery that creates this inspirational drive.”

Words to live by
“From start to finish, we come into clients’ homes as friends rather than photographers.”

Kam Dhiman Photo & Motion
London & Worldwide
+44(0)7514 636 962
Instagram: @KamDhimanPhotoAndMotion
Facebook: /KamDhimanPhotography

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