Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Internationally acclaimed Sanjay Jogia shares post production secrets

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Sanjay is the internationally acclaimed multiple award-winning owner of Eye Jogia Photo + Cinema. As an industry pioneer, educator, competition judge and brand ambassador he is regarded as one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in the world. He takes you through what happens leading up to, and after your Big Day:

“For us, shooting the wedding tends to be about 15% of the total work for one couple, with the remaining 85% taking place afterwards in our high-tech editing suite. Most people tend to forget that this is our full-time business.”

New Enquiries
Enquiries come in daily but at random times. Regardless of this we make a point of responding within 24 hours, no matter how busy we are.  Clients expect a quick response be it by email or phone call. The sooner we respond the more likely clients will visit our luxury Harrow Hill showroom for a private consultation.  

We always research about the event before the consult, so we are familiar with the clients’ vision. Before the meeting we get the showroom cleaned so we can focus on giving the best presentation and the couple can begin their experience of our luxury brand.  We give them as much time as they need so they can grasp the full spectrum and detail of our services. Consults can last up to three hours, sometimes more. They usually happen weekday evenings so couples can come after work.
This makes up the other 85% of the project work-flow and can last for several months after the wedding.  It begins with editing the image selection before developing each of the remaining Digital Negatives (or RAW format files) into a positive image ready for the couple to have their ‘viewing’ at our showroom.  

We also give our couples an album consultation to help remind them of the possibilities.  At this stage we begin designing the entire suite of albums.  Once the design is approved, we retouch and finish every image in the album prior to sending the design into physical production. The album is a labour of love, but the finished product has to be perfect because it is the culmination of not only all of our hard work, but all of the attention to detail that the couple put into planning the wedding.

Apart from word of mouth, we use Instagram and Facebook to promote our services to clients. It’s the fastest way to get our news to a worldwide audience and showcase our portfolio. 

I.T wizard
We use the latest software and perform daily data backups to protect images, after all, we are dealing with couples’ most treasured moments.

Ambassadorial roles and awards
I’m a Brand Ambassador to six brands, including Canon and have various obligations to them.  I also attend award ceremonies in this role. It’s a huge privilege and helps push the quest for excellence across the industry.

Shoot Days
Weekends are usually when we shoot weddings. A typical day is 12 hours but it can go up to 16 hours during which we have to be inspiring, creative, swerve any challenges and be on our feet for all of it! Once the event is over, we’ll back-up all the data as well as recharge and reset all our equipment for the next event - which could be the next day!

Eye Jogia
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