The Hottest Wedding Photography Trends For 2022 You Need To Bookmark

The Hottest Wedding Photography Trends For 2022 You Need To Bookmark

Mastering The Art Of Capturing Asian Weddings, Photographer Gagan Sharma Shares A Word Of Advice For 2022 Brides

ARTICLE BY : Nupur Sarvaiya


The uninterrupted talent of painting a picture with light reflects off of each of Gagan Sharma’s frames. He shares some important tips for summer brides. The award-winning wedding photographer and founder of Photography By Gagan particularly enjoys covering Asian weddings across various faiths to showcase his artistic flair. This season, “include a lot of florals and pastels. Keep away from magenta and blue lighting, you want to create something with warm hues for celebrations,” he suggests. “Each wedding takes a tremendous amount of time to plan, from organising the venue and décor, to clothes and those finer touches.” And with his expert advice and guidance, Gagan strives to make the photography process a breeze.

All in the details

The UK-based industry maverick shares a detailed plan of action for our brides-to-be this season. To get in touch with the man himself, “clients usually contact through various platforms, be it social media, our website and generally phone calls.” Gagan caters to all requests with a great deal of attention to detail to make your perfect wedding photos a dream come true. However, to get the gist of your vision, “the best way to contact me would be to call. It is really good to understand the complete requirements of a client and what they are looking for. I can then offer the best advice to couples.”

His process prioritises one of the most important elements of all weddings–the location! “The venue helps to understand not just where the event is, but essentially, I try to understand the vibe of the event, what is the client trying to achieve and how do they picture it,” Gagan shares. As a bride, you will want nothing more but the best to be captured in both the foreground and background of your wedding memories. The event space plays the part of a grand backdrop to the photographs of your big day bringing you and your beloved into focus.

Extra mile

“Each wedding is different and unique, and is therefore customised by us. I offer clients customised packages to help with their requirements,” shares Gagan. Along with a quick turn-around for social media uploads, the photographer also offers a bespoke, handmade album service. “It generally takes 12 weeks. Albums are dependent on clients choosing their photographs, on an average it takes up to 6 months. The package includes post-production and editing services that result in the mesmerising photos of your wedding events.”
Every couple must include these questions in conversation to the photographer. “How do you best like to work? If I’m getting ready at home, how can I create an interesting space?” According to the experienced photographer, communicating these details can be of great help to capture the essential details. Couples can add “speech bubbles as props, clay walls or ethnic style backgrounds” to achieve trendy images.

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