The World's Best Photographers

The World's Best Photographers

Profiles and snapshots of leading Asian wedding photographers

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Your Big Day will be something you will want to cherish and remember for a lifetime; which is why photography is such an integral part of wedding planning. It can be an overwhelming task to research and source the right photographer but fear not, we have done all the hard work for you, with our list of the world's best photographers!

Gurvir Johal 
The photography ace with 102+ awards 
Hailing from Birmingham, UK, international photographer Gurvir Johal is well-known for his timeless wedding images that are inspired, in part, by Old Masters like Leonardo da Vinci and Caravaggio. In eight years, Gurvir has soared to the top of his industry and now sits on the judging panel of various other competitions.

He’s amassed more than 102 awards, including the UK’s Best Wedding Photographer 2018 and is ranked #3 World’s Best Wedding Photographer 2018 by OneEyeland Photography Awards. “I fell into wedding photography by accident after a family friend asked if I could document their wedding, despite having zero experience. I fell in love with it from the start. It’s cliché to say but, when you know when you know.”
Gurvir Johal
Birmingham, UK
+44 (0) 7782 384 368
Instagram: @Gurvir_Johal

Sai Digital 
Rohit Gautam documents weddings with a photo-journalistic approach
Being a wedding photographer requires a unique skill set. As well as having an intrinsic sense of lighting and angles, they must also blend into the background, anticipate spontaneous moments and have an in-depth knowledge of all the ceremonies and rituals involved, so they’re ready to capture it on camera - because when it comes to weddings, there are no take twos. Rohit Gautam, the man behind the Sai Digital lens, understands this, and more.

His photography style focuses on the natural scenes: “I let things develop naturally, without being contrived. I capture candid moments of emotion, allowing each photograph to blossom and at the end, reveal the story of your Big Day.” His work has won recognition from some of the world’s most prominent photographic organisations including nine from WPJA, the Wedding Photojournalist Association. In eight years, Rohit has traversed the globe for his clients, safeguarding their monumental life events for their wedding albums and future generations.

Sai Digital
London, UK
+44(0) 2038 287 078 
Instagram: @SaiDigitalUK

Shevan J
The Melbourne-based photographer knows the power of a great image 
Melbourne-based wedding photographer Shevan J’s favourite wedding moment may not be an obvious one, considering his profession. He says he enjoys the speeches most: “It’s easy for everyone to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of the day, but speeches help bring it back to why everyone is there to celebrate.” While he may enjoy the words, his images, featured in Vogue Australia and on Sabyasachi’s official Instagram page, speak volumes. He describes his shooting style as relaxed, and it comes across in his portfolio, which is brimming with natural, caught-on-the-fly moments. What’s the secret to a great snap? “It’s all in the timing.”
Shevan J Photo
Melbourne, Australia
Instagram: @ShevanJ

Mango Studio 
The award-winning collective located across North America 
MANGO Studios is a wedding photography studio with branches in Toronto, Miami and Mexico. The full-service studio consists of 15+ photographers, all backed up by a full-time team of post-production designers, client reps and artists to support your every need. Collectively, they’ve photographed hundreds of high­-end weddings all over the world and consistently top the list for best wedding photography in Canada and beyond. Their motto fits the wedding theme perfectly: “Better Together”. They say: “We believe we can produce amazing, high quality work better by working as a group towards a common goal.”MANGO Studio
Toronto, Canada
Instagram: @MangoStudios

Zohaib Ali 
Destination wedding photographer extraordinaire 
Helping couples return to their best day ever is multi award-winning luxury Asian wedding photographer Zohaib Ali. The Londoner has a well-thumbed passport decorated with stamps from countries where he’s done destination weddings as well as a mantlepiece crammed with accolades from some of the world’s most prestigious photography competitions. You don’t have to look too hard at his portfolio of emotive wedding photography to understand why. His carefully considered images make his clients look as though they’ve stepped off the pages of a high fashion magazine, and his passion for his craft clearly comes through in each shot.

While humbled by awards from his peers, Zohaib says the greatest sense of satisfaction comes from working on weddings that make a lot of noise internationally and by capturing unique moments for his clients. He explains: “Colours and emotion are so present in weddings. Capturing those moments gives me a huge sense of achievement.”
Zohaib Ali
London, UK
+44(0)7595 442 723
Instagram: @ZohaibAli.co.uk 

Going Bananas Photography
An international studio that focuses on you 
“Being passionate is not enough to be a wedding photographer. This is a job of great responsibility. We don’t just shoot for the couples; we shoot for their grandparents, who have dreamed of this day since the couple was born, and for future grandchildren for whom these photos will offer a window into the past,” say Abhimanyu Sharma and Prasheila Lookhar, the dynamic team behind New Delhi and (occasionally) Toronto-based studio, Going Bananas Photography.

The team, with an impressive 20+ awards and two wedding-photographer-of-the-year-nominations under their belt, only take up 20 weddings in a year because to them, nothing is more important than forming a genuine and deep relationship with the couple and families. “Respect your couple’s time, effort and emotions; be in their shoes and great photographs will follow.”
Going Bananas Photography
New Delhi, India
Instagram: @GoingBananasPhotography

Lin and Jirsa 
California love: the collective that wears its heart on its sleeve 
Lin and Jirsa is critically acclaimed for their unique style of wedding photography, deeply rooted in photojournalism and influenced by fine art and fashion photography. The studio, made up of a team of photographers, cinematographers and editors, prides itself on creating expressive imagery. While each photographer has their own, distinctive style, you can spot a Lin and Jirsa snap a mile off. Their house style is high definition, vibrant and crisp. Skin tones are accurate and natural colours pop, ensuring a beautiful, timeless aesthetic to every shot. Picturing a romantic or editorial look for your wedding album? They can create that for you too.
Lin & Jirsa
California, USA
Instagram: @LinAndJirsa

Ufuk Sarisen
This Turkish photographer’s passion knows no bounds 
As one of the most decorated wedding photographers in Turkey, Ufuk Sarisen could be forgiven for having a swagger. But this man, whose passion is capturing once-in-a-lifetime memories for his worldwide clientele, is as humble as they come.

He says that he enters international photography contents to have fun with like-minded people who share his love for the craft as well as learn from his peers and other incredible photographers around the world. Clearly, his portfolio is making an impression as he is listed as one of the WPJA’s 30 Best Wedding Documentary Photographers in the world. He says: “I’m privileged and proud to receive international awards for my work.”
Ufuk Sarisen
Istanbul, Turkey
Instagram: @UfukSarisen_Photography

Sikh & Dread 
Luxury wedding and fashion photography team 
Weddings are all about teamwork, and few understand that better than Dalbir and Rotimi, the duo behind Mayfair-based Sikh & Dread Photography. The pair specialise in stylish wedding photography with high fashion influences, weaving together the story of your special day through exquisite imagery.

Established since 2011, the duo has collected numerous accolades from some of the most respected institutions in the world, such as SWPP, WPPI and SLR Lounge amongst many others. But it’s not all about competition-winning for Sikh & Dread. Dalbir says: “Winning an award based on one image is not what makes a great photographer. Producing high-quality images consistently, providing an impeccable luxury customer experience and capturing the special moments in people lives are the most important things to us. The proudest moments in our careers are every time our brides and grooms get to see their images for the first time.”
Sikh & Dread
London, UK
+44(0)7432 095 577 +44(0)7956 183 138
Instagram: @SikhAndDread

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