A Glamorous Tropical Sabyasachi Wedding

A Glamorous Tropical Sabyasachi Wedding

A grand celebration for a happily ever after

ARTICLE BY : Hanisha Sethi


Pre-wedding party
“My Mayian and Ladies Sangeet were both celebrated at home, and the theme was Italian. We had wood fired pizza, lots of Italian drinks and cocktails such as Limoncello and Aperol Spritz and for dessert, a Gelato Cart! The décor for this was very simple, with lots of green foliage and some lemon trees dotted around. I decided to have a large pre party, and keep my reception party more intimate. For my hen party, my best friend and aunty organised this in Cannes! There were a mixture of my cousins, aunties, and friends.”

Think Pink
“I love millennial pink and pampas grass, and wanted this in my pre party décor. I worked with Ava Event Styling and they nailed my brief! I gave them inspiration from restaurants I love such as Sketch in London and Mama Kelly in Amsterdam. I drew inspiration from another restaurant in LA where they serve a huge pink candy floss head for dessert. We had candy floss heads in the entrance, served with drinks and cocktails. They definitely made a good photo opportunity.”

“My wedding outfit and pre-party outfit were by Sabyasachi. I’ve always admired his work and creativity. After seeing him speak about brand responsibility in a seminar, it confirmed I had to wear one of his pieces for my wedding.”

The Ceremony
“Our Sikh ceremony took place at Nanaksar Gurdwara in Coventry. It’s a gurdwara that’s very close to my heart because it’s where I have been going my whole life. It also has a sentimental value because it reminds me of my late grandma. I felt so calm and happy when I first saw Sunny. I remember sitting next to him and thinking, wow, I am finally marrying my best friend. We had Taren Kaur perform the Kirtan. Sunny and I absolutely love her voice. It just made the ceremony feel so peaceful and serene.”

“I was surprisingly calm before all my events. Those who know me would say I am quite an emotional person, so I think they expected me to have a mini meltdown. Zohaib Ali captured beautiful in-the-moment shots. I love his clean and contemporary style and he has the most amazing attention to detail. I was honored to have him shoot my wedding.”

Getting Ready
“One of the most important beauty preps leading up to the wedding was getting regular facials. I have always struggled with my skin, but having regular hydrafacials helped. The best decision I made was having dermaplaning a few days prior to my wedding. My makeup sat so much better on my skin after this treatment. My makeup was done by Christina Ouloupi. I never felt myself when other artists did my makeup! I trusted Christina completely. For the Sikh wedding I wanted to keep my makeup clean with nothing too heavy on the eyes. For the reception, I went for a heavier look with a smokey eye.”

My Vision
“I’ve always been blown away by Amie Bone Flowers and her amazing displays. It was an honour to work with her. I wanted a bright, tropical theme for the reception, I trusted her vision and the proposal Amie put together for us, and I couldn’t have been more happy with the final result!”

The Speech
“My parents did a welcome toast. It was very emotional because they spoke about not losing a daughter, but gaining a son. My sister and cousins also wrote a song about us. They filmed a music video involving all family members and showed it on screen!”

Reception Party
“Five Rivers catered at all of my events, as my family have used the them for many years, we know that they always deliver above and beyond. They were also our event planners! Kudos provided our entertainment, and Magic Singh performed incredible tricks for our guests.

The Bride: Alisha Sapra, 26
The Groom: Sunny Gill, 31
Married: 4th August 2019
Photography: Zohaib Ali Photography
The Venue: Wroxall Abbey and Sezincote


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