Forever Mine

Forever Mine

From a Delhi date to a Mountain Range Proposal and Lavish Ceremony

ARTICLE BY : Hanisha Sethi


Ashish Vedi married Shreya Kochhar on the 8th July 2019. Even though their first meeting was arranged, he was longing to see her again after they first met.

He says: “Shreya knew Delhi better than I did, so I asked her to pick a place she’d been wanting to go to. Even though I had never met her before, I had a secret desire to see the city through her eyes. When we met we ended up talking for hours and hours. When she left, I was longing to see her again, and I realised I was falling in love with her. Fast forward to the proposal, and I had the perfect chance to express my love for her in Mussoorie. She was gazing at the sunset in the mountain range when I got down on one knee and proposed!"

Wedding Planning

“All our functions were held at the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok. It’s a beautiful hotel which sits on the Chao Phraya river. The landscaping that surrounds the hotel is amazing - a luxury hotel with a resort feel.”

Ashish and Shreya had a total of 5 functions and 2 ‘after parties’. “We made sure each function had a different theme in terms of the decor, music, food, drinks and dress-code. For the pool party, floral displays dominated the venue with pops of bright colour."

Wedding Day

“Shreya and I sat down with our wedding decorator and drew a rough sketch of what we wanted our mandap to look like. We wanted it to complement our outfits so we chose fresh pink and white flowers to match - and everyone was completely stunned by the decor. With the events team, we walked through all the possible locations, visualising the ideas and finalising the concepts."

“While waiting for Shreya at the podium I could see her dazzling and shimmering like diamonds.. I didn’t have the words to describe how beautiful she looked. I felt like everyone had vanished and it was just me and her. When we were announced as husband and wife, I had goose bumps and a profound feeling of happiness.”

Reception"During our receptin, our siblings invited us to the stage to cut into our 7 tier chocolate cake decorated with white and gold fondant. Later that night, our first dance was to ‘All of me’ by John Legend.” It perfectly describes what Shreya means to me.”


“Ramit Batra Photography helped me plan and execute my proposal and wedding to perfection. For the proposal we spent most of the day finding the best spot in the mountains, and during sunset found a beautiful cliff where I could make the grand gesture. Ramit managed to capture that moment perfectly!”

"Ramit Batra has the expertise to capture candid pictures and goes that extra mile to ensure we get those perfect moments together. He understands the personality of a couple too, both individually and together."



The Groom: Ashish Vedi, 28
The Bride: Shreya Kochhar, 25
Married: 8th July 2019
The Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok
Photography: Ramit Batra Photography


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