DIY your pre-wedding makeup

DIY your pre-wedding makeup

We've rounded up the tips and tricks you'll need to ace your look like a pro, from the pros

ARTICLE BY : Nupur Sarvaiya


Ganga makeup

Prep prep prep  
Ganga of Ganga Makeup says her cardinal advice for every bride is: “Skincare first, makeup second. It’s important to create a good foundation in the lead up to the celebrations. I usually help with a bespoke skincare plan for my brides. But on a general basis, you should have a good morning and nighttime regimen that includes cleanser, toner, moisturiser and serum.” On the pre-wedding day post your skincare, she suggests starting with a face or eye mask, be it a sheet one or clay depending on the skin type, to plump it up. “My favourite eye masks are from Skyn Iceland. If your skin feels puffy, use a facial roller. After that use a primer.”

Eyes on you
Ganga prefers to start with eye makeup before the base to avoid fallouts. “A neutral palette with golden pigments is my go-to. If you’re looking to try a smoky eye, replace your black kohl with a brown one for a softer finish.” Brides who want to inject some colour, green make a great choice, she shares. “Forest greens and pistachio hues work really well with Indian tones. Finish with a flicked eyeliner using a felt tip to ensure a steady, seamless application. If falsies are too dramatic, consider single lash extensions.”

“For your foundation, begin with colour correcting—a product with an orange-peachy shade. Air-brushing is my forte, but the closest you can get to replicate that look is with a beauty blender or a sponge. The Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation is amazing to do the job,” Ganga adds.

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Gini Bhogal

Contour correctly  
Sculpt, slightly—don’t go overboard. “Use a contouring powder that’s two shades darker than your skin tone along your hairline, cheekbones, sides of your nose and jawline.” A light flush on the cheeks with a peachy-pink blusher is nonnegotiable. “Use a cream formula if you’ve a dry skin, and then translucent powder. Finish with a bit of highlighter on the cheeks for a lit-from-within glow,” Bhogal explains.

Colour riot   
Bridal styling, in-person and Gini Bhogal encourages brides to invite colour with their pre-wedding beauty looks. “I usually like to add bold colours either on the eyes or lips. A touch of glitter will add some sparkle and catch the light to give a lovely impact. Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes are my favourite. I love hot pinks and oranges for mehndi—they are bold, bright and perfect to complement the vibrant tones on a pre-wedding outfit. This could be either in the eyes with a nude lip, or a bold lip with a touch of this colour used tastefully.”

“Dressing lips usually depends on the lip size, shape and preference. You can do an ombré, a gloss, keep it neutral or bold. I love every kind of finish, matte, satin, and liquid to matte. You can always soften the edges and add a blur to the lip, which can look quite lovely too.”

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